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Horror movie marathon

I have always loved horror movies. It started when I was 11 or 12 with the movie Halloween. I remembered being scared out of my mind but I was hooked. Through the years, I have watched everything from Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Saw.
But I have noticed as I get older, I don’t like the really gory stuff or movies like Paranormal Activity.

For months, JJ has been obsessed with watching horror movies. Recently, he saw commercial for the new version of Carrie and wanted to see it. I have seen the original and want to see the new version. I don't
I had promised him a horror movie festival when I came for my visit. I have never seen or heard someone so excited. I had picked out several such as Virus, The Fog, Legion and Cloverfield. I knew secretly that he would only make through one movie before being scared shitless. My son is smart for his age but he is 7.
So Saturday night, we put on our pajamas and started watching Cloverfield. It scared him. To me, Cloverfield is not a scary movie but…

Feeling like an "Avenger"

I am having the best Monday that I have had in a longtime. It started with getting ready to 80s music. But the best part is being able to do 75 mph on I-95 in a Dodge Avenger. I felt like I was in a state-of-the-art tank. It was AWESOME!!!!

Well, how did I go from a 2004 Chevy Cavalier named Beatrice to an amazing piece of machinery like the Avenger. On Friday, I was rear ended while coming back from covering a pep rally. Yes, a pep rally!! I was just sitting in traffic waiting and hoping to leave work early. Instead, a lady hit me and I hit a pick up truck. As the person in the middle, my car was the most damaged. I am a little achy but doing fine. I feel very blessed because things could have easily been worse.

So now, I am the temporary owner of a Dodge Avenger. The police report for the accident will not be ready until Tuesday so I am enjoying my temporary ride. This is why my Monday is so AWESOME!!!

My weekend celebration with my best friend was great. We sat around and drank Che…

Birthday adventures

I am officially 40 and I am loving it. Plans for my birthday were simple. I was headed to my best friend's home by the lake where we would drink, watch movies and veg out.

Instead I was in bed sick with a bad cold. I am not disappointed or angry. Secretly, I am happy. I like celebrating my birthday alone. It is a time for reflection, key lime pie and the ability to what I want to do.

I celebrated by singing Happy Birthday to myself, drinking NyQuil and watching Brat Pack movies. It was absolutely perfect. One of the best things was having my son sang Happy Birthday to me. I will see him next weekend and we plan to bake my birthday cake together. I would prefer it to be a red velvet one. But I am pretty sure he will pick something with crazy colors and strawberry icing.

Since I am feeling better, my bestie and I will celebrate my birthday with homemade chicken pot pie, homemade red velvet cake and vodka. Nothing says Happy 40th Birthday like lemonade and vodka while sitting on a de…

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I will turn the big 40 on Saturday. This is a major milestone. A milestone I never in a million years thought would be possible for me.

A longtime ago, I hoped to live to see 30. It was a simple goal and once it happened, it made me wonder about living to be 32 and 35. I must admit 40 was never something I saw happening. And Lord willing in a few days, it will happen.

When I was deep in ED, my focus was surviving. If I lived through the night, I did well.  I remember when I turned 25 that a doctor told me that I wouldn't live to see 30 if I didn't get help.

Five years ago, I almost gave up but fight hard to stay alive. Each year since then has been a struggle. And some years have been better than others.

I am between insurances right now so it has been a little bit of a struggle being able to afford my medication. But I will push through because I am going to be 40. When I think how far I have come, I am so proud.

I attribute it to God, an amazing support system and my son. Wi…

Happiness is how you make it

Every day may not be good, but there's something good about every day. Appreciating these good things is what makes a good life. --Unknown
Before my insurance went on hiatus, my therapist gave me an assignment--to write a list of things to make me happy. When I see her in December, she expects to see the list.

Writing the list was kind of hard for me. I mean I know the number one thing that makes me is happy is the not-so-little guy but what else.

Here's what I have so far:

Spending time with son JJReading a good book outside Listening to musicDancing to 80s music in my living roomHaving a good relationship with GodReading a Sunday newspaperTaking a walkHelping othersSpending time with my friendsWatching Criminal MindsCreating something Walking through the stacks at the libraryVacationing A night out on the town dancingCooking a mealCatching up with a old friendMending fences Getting lost in a new place and enjoying itTaking a train to DCGood food, great friends and a bottle of …