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Preparing the move

I am starting to get excited about the move! A month from now, I will be living in a three-bedroom house with a cool yard and a library. Right now, most of my life is packed away in plastic totes or liquor store boxes. I have been to area liquor stores so much that the clerks know me on a first name basis. I am going to miss my second floor apartment especially being able to sit by the window and watch the world go by. 
But being able to move into a three bedroom house with a pantry and living space is super AWESOME!!! And my rent will be the same as I pay for the apartment.
I feel so blessed. And I will be able to create the library of my dreams. May is going to be a crazy busy month with packing, moving and cleaning along with covering festivals and Relay for Life. These are busy times but I am looking forward to it.

It took four trips and probably more than 50 boxes to pack all of my books. The library book sale is this afternoon but I am not attending it because it will more stuff to pa…