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Birthday memories and being lazy on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!  I am looking forward to the next four days because I will not have to work or leave the apartment until I chose to do it. I have turned down invitations for dinner and plan to spend the day vegging on the couch reading magazines and watching whatever marathon is on tv. I had a great birthday weekend with JJ. I surprised him by having lunch with him and throwing a surprise birthday party in his classroom. As a reporter, I am always in various classrooms taking photos of other people’s children. It was nice to take photos of my not-so-little guy. I can’t believe how much he has grown.
He almost made me cry when he told what he wanted for his birthday. JJ—For my birthday, I just wanted to have a party in my class and to be able to spend my birthday with you. Me—Really, this is all you wanted. JJ—A mommy and JJ day! For his eight birthday, we got in the car and roamed. We had lunch at McDonalds with a playland so he could play with other kids. Then we visited some thrift s…

Med update and birthday plans for JJ!!!

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions for what do about my medication woes. Thanks to your advice, I have my seroquel!!! I don't think the Walgreen people have ever seen someone so happy to pick up a prescription. I have enough medicine to last until my insurance starts.
You don't really appreciate some things until they are gone.
I am in the process of figuring out what to do for my son's eighth birthday. A preliminary plan includes surprising him at school and having lunch with him on the day before his birthday. On Nov. 23 (his birthday),  the plan is to take him to see the new Thor movie, a trip to Sweet Frog and buy the Iron Man toy he wants. The cool thing about my kid is all I have to do is show up and he will be happy.
It is hard to believe that this little guy below will be eight years old. It seems like yesterday he was just learning to walk.

I know it can't be easy having your mother live in another state. I want to make sure he has a good birthday…

Distressing news

I have enjoyed my new job pretty good. The only downside has been having no insurance, which means no medications and or doctor visits.
Without insurance, seroquel is very expensive. And there are very few options in my area for mental health care.Using a calendar and a lot of prayer, I worked hard to make a sixty day supply last until Dec. 3. This would be the day my insurance would kick in and I could have meds again.
I found out yesterday that because I started my job on Sept. 3 and not Sept. 1. I will have to wait until Jan. 1 to have insurance.
I need my meds. I am suppose to be on two but dropped to one in these dire times. I have been googling and calling so I can get some more meds.
Historically for me, the time between my birthday and New Year is a rough time for me. In the past, these are the times I hit bottom, relapse or attempt suicide.
Right now, I am doing okay. I am taking it one day at at a time. Anything more is overwhelming. Without consistent meds, I find my toleranc…