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Inspection Day

To those who know me, I am not neat.  I am not filthy but I am not neat.  When I moved back to Pickleland, I hit the ground running. I moved a bunch of stuff on March 1. Moved out of my old apartment March 7 and into my new one March 10 and started my job March 11. I have been going nonstop since then.
It all came to a crashing halt at the end of December when my landlord had to let Terminx guy into my upstairs apartment so they could get into the attic.  My apartment was little messy to me. But to him, there was too many boxes and stuff around. I was told that I had 30 days to clean up. It was not an easy cleanup because I had to make some tough decisions about what to keep. I knew this day would come especially living in a one bedroom apartment with two bedrooms worth of stuff. And here’s the kicker—there is still more stuff at my friend’s house. I have donated six boxes of stuff to the local thrift store, gave my best friend a bunch of my purses and given away stuff to other friends. Af…

Leaping outside of my comfort zone

I have been living on the edge. Well, as much as a book-loving pen hoarding nerd can. I ate several pieces of lamb on Wednesday evening. Yes, lamb. I had covered a really nice event involving the military at this nice gated community. I was invited to have dinner with a colonel and others. It was a choice between fish sticks and macaroni and cheese or eating at the clubhouse. It was a very nice dining room and I had good dining companions. They were the ones who persuaded me to not order the Chicken Caesar Salad but to order outside my dining comfort zone. 
After much thought, while looking at three menus, I ordered New Zealand grass fed rack of lamb with pearl couscous, red quinoa, micro argula, crispy curry onions with a garlic cucumber yogurt sauce. It was pretty good.

 Of course, I only ate four of the six pieces of lamb. As I was about the eat the fifth, I saw a little lamb that said “baaaaaaa don’t eat me!” I was done. For dessert, I ordered a deep fried doughnut dipped in maple bac…

New Year but a better me

It is the 12th day of January. Time has flown by. It seems like yesterday that I was swinging in the New Year with an almost septuagenarian friend. It was nice New Year’s Eve filled with KFC potpies, sweet potato pie and plenty of cupcakes. This is probably why I have gained ten pounds. And I am not stressing about it. It was nice to ring in another year with an old friend . Pun not intended. After a pretty good 2014, I wanted to ride that momentum into 2015 and I set some goals for myself.
2015 goals --Spend as much time with JJ as possible. He is not getting younger. --Cook more often.  --Get my eyes examined. --Get out of my comfort zone and explore more.
--Visit my family more. --Start the Repair Jackie's Smile project.
--Plan at least one weekend day-trip every month.
--Get those piles of photos into scrapbooks.
--Tackle one craft project each month
--Stop drinking so much soda.
--Resolve to work ahead and stop waiting until the last second.
--Read all of the books collecting dust o…