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Leaping outside of my comfort zone

I have been living on the edge. Well, as much as a book-loving pen hoarding nerd can.
I ate several pieces of lamb on Wednesday evening. Yes, lamb.
I had covered a really nice event involving the military at this nice gated community. I was invited to have dinner with a colonel and others.
It was a choice between fish sticks and macaroni and cheese or eating at the clubhouse. It was a very nice dining room and I had good dining companions. They were the ones who persuaded me to not order the Chicken Caesar Salad but to order outside my dining comfort zone. 

After much thought, while looking at three menus, I ordered New Zealand grass fed rack of lamb with pearl couscous, red quinoa, micro argula, crispy curry onions with a garlic cucumber yogurt sauce. It was pretty good.

 Of course, I only ate four of the six pieces of lamb. As I was about the eat the fifth, I saw a little lamb that said “baaaaaaa don’t eat me!” I was done.
For dessert, I ordered a deep fried doughnut dipped in maple bacon caramel sauce. It was topped with maple bourbon bacon ice cream and candied bacon. OMG!!! It was amazing.  

I have dreamed about eating that ice cream again. And I am going to find away to get myself a pint or gallon of it.
It was a really nice night. I am really trying to not work so much and get off the couch and do things.
Tonight, I am attending a belated Christmas party at the Mad Boar Resturant with co-workers. Tomorrow, I am headed to Battleship NC in Wilmington. I am trying to be a little more edgy and less couch potato.

Daily Dose
1. Grape soda has become my new favorite thing!
2. Having plans on a Friday night!
3. Downton Abbey has returned along with awards season!


  1. So proud of you!! This is coming from a person who also has some serious food comfort zones that I don't like stepping out of. I know what a big deal it is. I have tasted lamb of the husband's plate. It was good even though like you I feel a little weirded out eating it.


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