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Rebooting my attitude for life

I have reached a point in my life where I am tired of feeling sorry for myself. I am making less than I did when I first left college. I want to be able to take my son to the beach or to the amusement park. Hell, right now just being able to visit him is a luxury.
I had an epiphany this week while driving to an assignment. Lately, I have been doing craft projects with a photography slant to them to relax, destress and detox from work.
Why not see if I could earn some spare cash. My first project was Father’s Day present for JJ’s father. I made photo coaster using ceramic tiles and various photos of JJ.

 I am not sure where this will go but what do I have to lose. I even have name for them-- JJ’s Creations! I picked it so I wouldn’t forgot the reason and where the money will go.
Another avenue I am exploring is freelancing for a magazine. I know this will not be easy but I have some magazine experience thanks to my newspaper.
For years, I have written daytrippers for our Lake Magazine. A fe…

Funny but true story

My car is fixed. Instead of being bummed, I used the time to clean, read and relax. It's been a long time since I slowed down.
I asked my friends who have in RR to tell me the best place to go for repairs. We will call it Tire X. It is a place down the street from the newspaper since I would need to have it towed.

I made the call Monday morning for them to pick Bea up. Yes, my car is named Beatrice. Bea for short. My friend J picked me up so I could drop off the key and pick up some groceries.
So story short, Tire X picked up the wrong car. So my coworker M comes out for a late lunch discovers her Grand am gone and my cavalier in the parking lot. Not only did they take the wrong car but key for my car fits her ignition. It was all figured out with her "stealing" her car from Tire after hours.

The repair was some wire replacement, no towing fee and minimal pain to my bank account. God is awesome.
I will see my son soon. I just have to keep the faith.

1. Rek…

Sad and Stranded on a Sunday

Two weeks ago, I turned in the time off sheet to have a long weekend with JJ.

Right now, I should be with him. Instead, I am stranded at my apartment without a car. My starter isn't working. I am disappointed. I was so looking forward to seeing. 

The day has not been a total loss. I woke up this morning and walked to the convenience store for a newspaper and some junk food. Made my bed for the first time in weeks. Watched some travel and cooking shoots. I am looking at this unexpected detour as a blessing. Everything happens for a reason.

1. I wasn't on the road when the starter went bad.

2. Orange soda makes things bearable.
3. Vegging.

Examining the state of things

In a few months, I will turn 40. This is a big milestone considering I never thought I would reach the age of 30. I always figured that ED would win so I never really planned the future. In my teens and 20s, ED defined who I was. I was the suicidal anorexic who spend more time in the hospital than enjoying life.

But how things have changed. Now I am Jacqueline. I am actually recovering and I have a child. Something doctors said would never happen. But I realize as I watched students graduate this weekend that I am not happy with the way things are going in my life. Recovery wise I am okay but the other aspects of my life are not so good.

I love being a journalist. I love being able to tell people's stories, take photos and hear the press run as it prints that day's edition. But lately, it has been hard to get out of bed, get dress and make my five minute commute to work.

It's the low pay, high demands and uncertainty that saddens me. And the fact I don't get to see my bab…