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Return of the Jack

It has taken a few weeks but I am finally back at work. It was a bittersweet return because I love my job but also loved being able to wake up at 9 a.m. and meander around the apartment.

I returned on Feb. 1. Since then, I have dealt with sleet, freezing rain, a 16-degree night, crazy rain and some horror movie type fog. This is the life of being a Lois Lane.
I have taken the privilege of being able to drive for granted. Until I had surgery and was restricted from driving for a few weeks did I learned just how important it is.
And when you love a good road trip or just want to go to the library, it is absolute torture.
Well in mid-January, the restrictions were taken off and I could hit the road.
So I planned a journey to test the road trip waters and my stamina.
Plus, I needed to see the best friend’s new home at Lake Gaston and get rid of a ton of magazines.
The goal, if it went well, was to make the return trip on Highway 301 as my trip topic for this month.
On Highway 301, there are a …