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The art of decluttering

It is 24 days into the new year. It’s hard to believe that it’s been four weeks since my son’s week long visit. Since it is a new year, I am working hard to declutter. It’s not easy because I have so much stuff. There are boxes in the pantry that I haven’t even opened yet. I have never been a neat freak. Even my son knows this. Plus, I am determined to have the ribbon cutting for my library on April 15. My son is on spring break at that time so he will be in Pickleland. How do you declutter when you are kind of a hoarder in training? I started small so I wouldn’t get overwhelm. I got rid of several magazines and cleaned out the jeep. I discover something called the Pomodoro Technique, which is suppose to be for work but I kind of modified for decluttering. The method involves working for 25 minutes without interruption, taking a five minute break, repeating this four times and then taking a 15 to 30-minute break. I modified it so it would three 25 minute segments and a 30-minute break. I …

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year!! I hope you had a great one because so I have. I got to spend the last week of 2016 and the first day of this year with my son. And now on the second day of the year, I am slightly sad. I miss my boy. I decided to figure out my goals for 2017.
1. To get my smile back. Iamthisclose to having it. I make the down payment for my new teeth this week. 2. I will be more sociable. The goal is to get out of the house more. I will accomplish by trying one new thing each month. 4. Learn how to swim. 5. I will continue to work on my relationship with God by finding a church to attend. 6. Clear some of the clutter in my house. 7. I will journal more. 8.I will continue to work toward an ED-free life. The last few weeks have been rough.9. Try out one new recipe each week. 10. Be a better morning person.
If I can do most of these, 2017 will be a great year. I am excited.
DAILY DOSE 1.  Enjoying a slow day at work! 2. No meetings to cover tonight so I get to veg on the couch. 3. Trying to be at p…