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This Year (so far)

As I write this I am listening to the song “This Year” by Cooper. The song pretty much sums up how 2014 has been going for me.
Can we go right back to the start

I got a little lost

Done living in the past

There's many seasons in our lives

It's been a long winter

Spring's getting nearer
Remind me of all the good and the bad (i know, i know)

Remind me of everything that we had (i know, i know)

Right now it's so clear

This year has been the best and the worst year

I hear it's all uphill from here

This year has been the best and the worst year

I hear it's all uphill from here

The apartment is really starting to look like it is mine. I spent the weekend in RR with my bestie and was able to pick up some more stuff. I am also using this time to clear out the clutter and donate some stuff.
It was nice visiting RR and the Lake but I was ready to come home and climb the stairs to my slice heaven. I am working hard not to become the recluse who lives on the seco…

Happiness is in the cards for a delayed Mothers Day celebration

The last few days have been busy with work. I have made peace with the fact that being tired is how my life is going to be for awhile.
This morning, my editor gave a treat in the form of new business cards. 
It means to me that they officially plan to keep me. There are about 2,000 cards in the box. Plus my editor said I couldn't leave until I used them all. 
I am in a much happier place today because I will have a three-day weekend. Due to the production schedule at the DT, I will never have Monday or Tuesday off. If there is a holiday on those days, I get to take them at another time. Friday will be my Easter Monday.
Cue the music for “Happy” by Pharrell.
I get to see my not-so-little boy. 
It will be a delayed Mother’s Day for me and a surprise for him. He has no clue that I am coming for a visit.
Like I said, happiness is in the cards!
Daily Dose 1.No town board meetings to cover tonight!!! YAY!!! 2.The season finale of Criminal Minds! 3..Having some really good fried chicken for lunch…

Staying busy

It has been a busy few days. As a reporter, I never know how my day will go. For instance on Friday, I left my apartment thinking I would write at my desk all day, take a break for lunch, write more and head out to Relay for Life.
I did write. I wrote seven stories while listening to a variety of 80s music, I also had to track down information about a murder and a meth bust.
Crime is my Achilles heel. It is my absolutely worst thing to cover.I ended up getting the information. My day ended with the Duplin County Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a great event, which raises a lot of money for the American Cancer Society.
It is a hard event for me. I feel like an awful person because I was sitting there miffed because my mother isn’t one of the survivors.
I will admit that this year was the first Relay where I wasn’t angry. Just miffed. The Duplin County Relay is undergoing some revamping and smaller than what it has been in years past. But the people on the committee, the survivors and th…