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Moving, hurricanes and Comic Con-- recapping a crazy Fall of 2018

It is Nov. 11 and a lot has happened. A lot!

I moved out of a three bedroom house into a one bedroom apartment with a sunroom. The place is huge. I love it. Agent Kitty loves the sunroom even more than me and has claimed it.

My bedroom is large enough for my queen size bed, dresser, and chest drawers. There is still room for three bookcases and possible a twin size bedroom. I officially started living here Sept. 3. And for a few weeks, it was heaven.
Then came a little hurricane called Florence came for an extended stay. In the end, there were no deaths in Marlboro County but a lot of damage and devastation. Southeastern North Carolina had a ton of damage. A lot of people have lost their homes and world.
Marlboro County had a lot of flooding. The thing I remembered the most was wondering if it would ever stop raining. The rain started on Friday, Sept. 14 and continued until the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 16. The power went out early Saturday morning. I spent that Saturday wondering if…