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Not interested in becoming a Criminal Minds episode

I live in the Roanoke Valley and there is a lot of crime here. It ranges from murder to shootings to burglary and home invasions. Some days, it feels like an episode at Criminal Minds. For awhile, I didn't feel comfortable leaving home. But of late, crime has move to stealing of scrap metal and appliances. And it's not just abandon homes but occupied ones.

So it didn't surprise that the county I  live in has the fifth highest crime rate in the state of North Carolina. I mean we are up there with the big counties like Mecklenburg. One thing I have noticed, people are fed up. A few weeks ago,  I read a case in my newspaper that made the only newsroom go WOW!

Here's the story. Two men get into an argument at a store. Man 1 decides to go home and get a gun. Everyone urges Man 1 to leave but he refuses. Man 1 returns with gun and shoots Man 2. Now get this, Man 2, who has just been shot, proceeds to beat the crap out of Man 1. In fact at one point Man 2 stops the beating, g…

Ending the day on a good note

It has been a good day. A GOOD DAY! Socially awkward me had lunch with a group of people. I have found I am not very good with people outside of being a reporter. Today, I did okay. The only thing was an outside of my comfort zone moment. Lunch was different but good. I had barbecued roasted chicken along with a salad with dates, strawberries, feta cheese and walnuts drizzled with a blackberry viniagrette. I  have seen meals like this in magazines and on the food network. There was no voice from ED. It was just a peaceful with good outer conversation. Dessert was cake.

Once again, it was a good day. It was good body  image day. I was wearing a cute professional khaki shorts and a cute pair of high heeled brown sandals. When I looked in the mirror, I looked good. I felt good. So after such a nice day, it was fitting I went to a town, where some of the citizens are trying to open their own library. When I arrived there at former elementary school, it warmed my heart to see thousands upo…

Being a grandma's girl and other memories

I live in a neighborhood in RR with lots of kids. It warms my heart to see them playing their yards and riding bikes. These days, you don’t will see kids out and about. It could because of video games or other technology. Or because people are worried about people doing bad things. I am six years older than my brother but if I left home on my bike, he had to be with me. My grandmother’s rationale was if one of us was kidnapped, the other could be a witness for the police. I knew if that was the case, I would have been screwed. My brother would have screamed like a girl and left me. But thankfully, nothing ever happen. 
My family didn’t have a lot when I was a child but I still had a pretty good childhood in South Carolina. I was a bookworm so my grandmother would always buy me books from yard sales. She made sure there was a set of encyclopedias. With Mother’s Day upon us, I think about her and my mom a lot. I missed them both but I think of the many life lessons I learned from them. I…

What would you save?

I am back after my little staycation from the world. It was nice and very restful. I had a chance to catch up on my reading,  do some cleaning and take quite a few relaxing baths.
I came across this Tumblr blog—The Burning House.” It was quite interesting and very thought provoking. It has you to answer the question of if you had a few moments to gather your most precious belongings, what would you rescue from impending destruction?
Then you submit photos of things you would save. It took me a week to answer this question.
Here is my photo of what I would save.

The items and why:
--Disney Storybook Collection: JJ loves the stories from this book.
--Prince Ombra by Roderick MacLeish: 

This is my favorite book in the whole world. I discovered it in the seventh grade.
--My mom’s sandals: These shoes remain by bed. It gives me comfort that a piece of her is near me.
--Photo of my grandmother and I: I have very few photos of my grandmother and I. This is my favorite.
--My red and black mixer: I hav…

Writing is good for the soul

I have been trying to write more of late. I have all of these cool journals so they should be full instead of empty and attracting dust. I would like to join a writer's group that is here in the Valley. There is a story that has been in my head for about two years now.  So I am trying to get my writing skills up to par.  I have started with list items and moving toward more longer pieces.
10 things that carry with me at all times are... In one of my huge purses, there are ten things I always like to carry with me. 1. There is always a photo of JJ for inspiration. 2. My cell phone, which is an necessity for work and staying in contact with JJ. 3. Pens and pens and more pens--I love having a variety to chose from when covering an event. 4. Cinnamon candy--It helps me to stay awake at meetings and driving. 5. Crystal Light lemonade packet--Sometimes you want more than just plain water. 6. My wallet because unfortunately life revolves around money and identification. 7. Business cards--In three…