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Being a grandma's girl and other memories

I live in a neighborhood in RR with lots of kids. It warms my heart to see them playing their yards and riding bikes. These days, you don’t will see kids out and about. It could because of video games or other technology. Or because people are worried about people doing bad things. I am six years older than my brother but if I left home on my bike, he had to be with me. My grandmother’s rationale was if one of us was kidnapped, the other could be a witness for the police. I knew if that was the case, I would have been screwed. My brother would have screamed like a girl and left me. But thankfully, nothing ever happen. 

My family didn’t have a lot when I was a child but I still had a pretty good childhood in South Carolina. I was a bookworm so my grandmother would always buy me books from yard sales. She made sure there was a set of encyclopedias. With Mother’s Day upon us, I think about her and my mom a lot. I missed them both but I think of the many life lessons I learned from them. I am who I am because of those two very strong women.

We lived in the country with a huge front and back yard along with area I called the barn, where my grandmother kept her tractor and other tools. We had plenty of area to roam and play using our imagination. 

One memory that stands out was one day, I got angry about something. I was about nine. I informed my grandmother I was running away. I packed my backpack with some books, peanut butter and crackers and a change of clothes. I was going to make my way in the world. The front yard of my grandmother’s house was huge. At the end of the property was a oak tree beside a huge ditch, the mailbox and the road. I got to the tree and realized that I wasn’t allowed to leave. Now I am suppose to be running away and this is where rules are suppose to go out the window. I remember thinking if I cross this ditch, my grandmother will kill me. So I camped under the oak tree with a chair and my bag. I went a book and ate some crackers. 

At lunch time, my grandmother came out to the tree with a bag and glass of lemonade. In it was a sandwich and an apple. She told me I looked hungry and she couldn’t have a hungry runaway. Then she walked back to the house. By nightfall, I am still under the tree. My grandmother comes out and tells me dinner is ready.
Grandma: It is getting dark sweetie. Why don’t you come in and have some dinner. You get started in the world tomorrow.

The next day, there was no talk of running away. This was how she was. Sometimes, we had to learn our own lesson. Later, she admitted to me that she was scared that I was going to take off up the road. My grandmother never learned out to drive. Her plan B would have been to have a neighbor follow. But it never came to that. I am who I am because of Bessie Lowery (my grandma) and Josephine Lowery (my mom). 

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


1. I am so proud to be a mom!

2. Not cringing or freaking out when I saw video of myself!

3. It's Friday!!!!


  1. 'My brother would have screamed like a girl and left me'...sweeeet :) Beautiful piece of writing. And a very beautiful message.

  2. What wonderful memories, esp. of your Grandmother. When I was a kid and "ran away" my dad packed me a lunch and gave me a quarter. I went two blocks down and across the street where was one of those huge, round open concrete that went under the street. Sat there for awhile and went home.


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