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Unpacking more than boxes

It took me roughly two weeks to pack up my life in Pickle Land and move to South Carolina. It was two weeks of packing during every spare moment I had.

It is taking me much longer to unpack. I am about halfway there. A few weeks ago, I found some of my photo albums and an album with articles I wrote while in college. The first story that I had ever written was in there. I showed it to my son.

I took my son on a trip down memory lane. I showed him pictures of me as a child, in high school, in school, and with his dad.

One photo that made him pause was a photo of me at 73 pounds in a bikini. It was taken at a Memorial Day cookout when I was in the mid-20s. I can still hear the sounds my friends made when I stepped outside to the pool. At the time, I thought they were amazed by how good I looked. No, they were shocked by how skinny I was.

Years ago, my son's father shared my ED story with him. I am not ashamed of my fight with ED but it was my story to tell. Plus, my son was about si…
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Still adjusting...

It has been more than a month since I started my new position and moved back to South Carolina. It has its nice moments but I am very homesick. I am trying to adjust to all of the changes. It is nice being able to spend more time with my son.

Last night, he was in a play. I got to sit in the audience and watch him sing in the chorus. Next week, my son and nephew will spend the weekend with me. I need to be on my "A" game with two 12-year-olds.
It has been a long week. I think I am going to go home, chill on the couch and watch some CSI. I can unpack on Saturday.

Daily Dose
1. Spring will be here soon.
2. The weekend is here.
3. My baby is nearby

New job, new city

A lot has happened since January 1. I wanted 2018 to be different and I got my wish. I applied and got a news editor position in South Carolina. This meant moving from Pickle Land to BSC!

From January 20 until now, my life has been about packing up my Pickle Land house, finishing out the notice of my job there, finding a new place to live, starting a new job, transporting my cat and getting all of my belongings from Pickle Land to BSC without going completely crazy.

It has been a crazy time. I am homesick beyond belief and very overwhelmed with learning a new job and city. But this decision was made for my son. This move has put me an hour from him. So it is worth all of the headaches, the boxes, and the anxiety.

1. I have a cute little house!
2. My cat is no longer mad at me!
3. I am closer to my son!

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year! I will admit that 2017 wasn't the worst year of my life but it wasn't the best. I feel like I spent the entire time trying to go uphill. And when I was close to the top, I would get knocked back down. Some high points were my son turned 12 and I got a cat.

Anyway, it is a new year and it is full of possibilities. I can feel in my gut that things are going to be better this year. I have set some public goals and one very private goal.

My first goal is to stop taking things so seriously. I want to enjoy life more.
This leads to my second goal, which is not to work so hard. I feel like I base my life around work. In 2017, I started saying no more and focusing on me. In 2018, I want to have  more of a work/life balance.
My third goal is to volunteer more. I don't just want to write about volunteering but to actually do it.
I will always continue to try reading more.
I want to be a better mom for my son and a better friend and family member to others.
I want to put mys…

Adventures at Librari-Con with Samurai Batman

Recently, JJ and I made our second journey to the 11th annual Librari-Con at the Cumberland County Public Library in Fayetteville.  This is an annual anime/graphic novel/sci-fi mini convention that featured anime viewing, panels forums, Artist Alley, Cosplay Runway and more.
What made this event super awesome was the fact that the library was opened at the same time of the event.
For a year, JJ had talked about having a costume after not being able to wear one last year. He was a Samurai Batman.
Apparently, JJ had a growth spurt in the last few weeks so there was struggle getting him into his costume, but a little pulling, binder clips and prayer got the costume on him.

I decided to go as my favorite thing – a mother/photographer/bodyguard/book nerd wearing a Wonder Woman shirt.
JJ decided to add his own special touch to it with a trident and a Flash mask for me. I’m not sure what I was supposed to have been but I played along until lunchtime.
For the first hour, he played free video game…

A whole new world

Well, it is official. I am the mom of a sixth grader. I can't believe JJ has grown up so fast.
It seemed like yesterday that he was headed to kindergarten with an Avengers back pack.

And now, he is 11, same height as me, a deeper voice and in middle school. He is weari

I am proud and scared at the same time. He is a good kid. I worry about the others he will encounter.

Right now, I feel a change is coming. Whatever it is. I am ready for it.

1. My son!
2. Sunkist Grape Soda
3. Sitting in my home library

Stopping ED from gaining

One of the hardest things I had to ever do was to explain my ED to my 11-year-old son. His father had talked to him about it, which I have an issue with  because it is my story and not his. But I have tried to move beyond that.

Anyway, a few weeks I talked to him about it and explained it as best I could. I told him how he is my inspiration to stay in recovery. I know he needs his mom to be healthy to help handle growing up.
One thing I told him was that my relationship with food is not like his relationship. And there will always be a struggle for me. I take it one meal at a time.
I kept all of this in mind when I went to the doctor yesterday to ask for help. In the past three months, my appetite has disappeared. I eat because I don’t want to pass out or to be hospitalized. It hasn’t been easy. I could have let ED win when I realized what was happening. I have only lost 11 pounds. To some this is not much weight but to me it is.
The old me would have been happy about it. The recovering…