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Surviving the flu, scales and other trials

This cold and flu season, I forgot to get a flu shot. I have been so busy doing all kinds of stuff.
It came back to bite me back hard two weeks ago.

I started feeling bad on Monday and by Wednesday, I was in bed with a fever. My routine was bed to fridge to couch. Once on the couch, I ate and took medicine. I would sleep for a few hours. Wake up and go in reverse back to bed. I did not leave my apartment for two days. I emerged on Friday to go to work for a few hours. And then it was back to bed. I am back at work and not contagious but regaining my strength.

While I was sick, I had time to think. I realize my time off is either for my son or to help others. I don't mind any of it. But it was nice just to relax and have to worries except to get well. I am probably the only person who had the flu and was so zen about it.

I am finally starting feel to myself. The lessons I have learned include getting a flu shot and being kinder to myself.

Spring is officially here and with it comes t…

Adventures in Thrift Store shopping

February was a short month with many deadlines for work and special projects. Last weekend, I was looking forward to a getaway to RR. I had planned to eat tons of junk, drink and a watch a marathon of Criminal Minds. But Mother Nature has other plans. Freezing rain plans. Thanks to a heads up from the best friend, my plans changed and I stayed home. What does a girl do when she has a Saturday off, no plans and some cash. She goes thrift shopping. I mean I was already showered, dress and out of the house. Why go back to my pajamas and the couch? I head to Goldsboro (or GVegas as I call it). Home to 40,000 people and an Airforce base. There are plenty of thrift and consignment stores to keep a thriftonista happy. First stop was Bojangles for a Cheddar Bo and orange juice. Got fuel up. My budget was $30. It was accumulated from running errands for my buddy Nelson. I headed to the Goodwill where I brought several books and these items: Willis Smith Sweater for $4 Dressbarn Sweater Dress for $5 F…