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Hanging with Iron Man at the Charlotte Comic-Con

Last weekend, I had a chance to go to a major comic book convention.

 Since JJ had done so well in the second grade, his father and I decided to plan this outing for months.

JJ had a blast. Of course, he was dressed as Iron Man.

It was fun to see him so happy and to be able to talk with others who shared his passion.
All in all, it wasn't a bad way to spend a weekend.  His father has some problems with his foot. So I was the healthy one who walked around the very large facility many, many times. Plus, I got to the assistant to Iron Man. It is pretty good gig with lots of hugs and I love yous!


1. Attending Comic Con with my son!
2. Having a three-day weekend!
3.Being healthy!

My weekend with my not-so-mini me

I had an awesome weekend with my son. I am tired today but it was so worth it. I am so glad I got a chance to spend time with him in my world.
The weekend started when I got the text that his aunt and him were getting on the road. It pretty much took everyone two hours to get to the spot. 

JJ has grown so much. He is only a couple of inches from being my height (which is 5”2). I was worried that I wouldn’t have much to say or would be boring. I was worried over nothing. We talked about music, comic books and global warming. Yes, global warming.

By the time I got home, I was wore out. JJ had a second wind. He loved the apartment especially the stairs. He went up and down them. He build contracptions to go down them. He watched tv from the stairs. He loved the stairs. For a few days, I felt like a mom with the Disney channel on and toys all over the floor. We ate breakfast for dinner and lunch for breakfast.

There were many visits to various places in Mount Olive that he didn’t remember. He th…

Shh!!! Can you keep a secret?

I am EXCITED!!!!
As most know, my husband and I are separated with him having custody of our son. Long story short, it stems from my issues with ED and other psych stuff. The estranged one has custody and I pretty much jump through hoops in order to see JJ. One hoop is visitation rules. If I want to see my son, I am the one who has to travel to see him. There is hardly ever an offer of meeting halfway. When I lived in RR, it was a five hour drive one way to see JJ. Now, it is only three hour drive.
One bright spot has been my sister-in-law, who has a bestthat lives reasonable close to me. If SIL visits her, then I can travel about two and half hours and see JJ. It’s not ideal but it is nice of her.
Okay back to why I am so excited. I got a text from the estranged one that asked about my work hours for the weekend. I text them back to him. And while all of this texting was going on, I was watching JAWS’ theme music was playing in the background.
Turns out the SIL is planning to see the…