Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hanging with Iron Man at the Charlotte Comic-Con

Last weekend, I had a chance to go to a major comic book convention.

 Since JJ had done so well in the second grade, his father and I decided to plan this outing for months.

JJ had a blast. Of course, he was dressed as Iron Man.

It was fun to see him so happy and to be able to talk with others who shared his passion.
All in all, it wasn't a bad way to spend a weekend.  His father has some problems with his foot. So I was the healthy one who walked around the very large facility many, many times. Plus, I got to the assistant to Iron Man. It is pretty good gig with lots of hugs and I love yous!


1. Attending Comic Con with my son!
2. Having a three-day weekend!
3.Being healthy!

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  1. Hi Jacqueline, JJ looks great by the way :) I was just wondering how you would feel if I did my new uni essay on you? It would be basically about you accepting an award (from someone, not sure who yet) about your work in journalism and your writing on your blog. It would be about eating disorders/mental health issues and trying to break the stigma one article or blog post at a time. What I have to do is write a speech as if I would be writing for you to actually present. That means I just need to ask a few questions, if you are interested that is. Could you let me know if you are/are not interested here at The reason I would like to choose you is because (a) you are a good writer and (b) even though I don't comment all the time, I do enjoy reading your blog :)


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