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This book was so insane that I read it twice

Recently, I read a book that has been on my mind a lot lately.
“I’m Thinking of Ending Things” by Iain Reid has me struggling for words to describe it. I can only give a basic review because I don’t want to spoil the book for somebody else. My decision to read this book started when I saw it and read the first few pages in Barnes and Noble. I almost brought the book right then. The book begins with a man named Jake and his girlfriend (who narrates the book) driving on a dark night to meet his parents at their secluded farm. But something isn’t quite right because the girlfriend begins her narration with she is “thinking of ending things.” Reading this book was kind of like watching an episode of “Criminal Minds” but you can’t talk about it with your friend because she has it on her DVR and doesn’t plan to watch until the weekend. In the “Entertainment Weekly” review for it, the reviewer said “your dread and unease will mount with every passing page.” For me, it did. It started with the na…

Adventures at the beach with the Road Junkie

I write a travel column for Duplin Times in Kenansville, N.C. called the Road Junkie. This is my August column, which talks about recent adventures in Carolina Beach.

Ever since I moved to Eastern North Carolina in 2001, I have always heard about Britts Donuts and how I should have one.
In addition to having a love for cupcakes, I also love doughnuts. I have been a diehard Krispy Crème girl since I was a child and have done an illegal u-turn for the “HOT NOW” sign.
Through the years, I read about Britts Donuts in various magazines and had tons of people describe them to me. Last weekend, I finally had a chance to eat one. It was part of an evening long adventure at Carolina Beach.
This adventure was planned by my coworkers Alan Wells and Nadya Nataly and included myself, Nataly’s boyfriend and one of Wells’ friends.
After arriving in Carolina Beach, we decided to ride the double Ferris wheel at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk Amusement Park while waiting for Wells. Not to sound lik…

Welcome to my home

Open up the champagne, pop!
It's my house, come on, turn it up
--My House
Flo rida

The last few months have been a blur of packing, moving and unpacking while still working full-time. It all came to a head last week when I finally took time for a proper vacation and ended with a sinus and ear infections.

I spent my vacation home sick. It was also the hottest week of the summer.

So I stayed inside and read but also unpacked and made my house look like a home.
It also gave me plenty of time to think and plan my upcoming "ribbon cutting" for my new library.
I would like to share what my new home looks like. It doesn't look like something out of House Beautiful but it's my little slice of heaven.
Here, at left, is my living room. There is no central heat or air in this house so the window a/c unit is here. This is where I am most days. To the right is my messy desk. I haven't had time to get my home office together.

From there, we head to the kitchen.

My son roo…