Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Welcome to my home

Open up the champagne, pop!
It's my house, come on, turn it up
--My House
Flo rida

Cookbook corner in the kitchen
The last few months have been a blur of packing, moving and unpacking while still working full-time. It all came to a head last week when I finally took time for a proper vacation and ended with a sinus and ear infections.

My meds
I spent my vacation home sick. It was also the hottest week of the summer.

So I stayed inside and read but also unpacked and made my house look like a home.
It also gave me plenty of time to think and plan my upcoming "ribbon cutting" for my new library.
I would like to share what my new home looks like. It doesn't look like something out of House Beautiful but it's my little slice of heaven.
Here, at left, is my living room. There is no central heat or air in this house so the window a/c unit is here. This is where I am most days. To the right is my messy desk. I haven't had time to get my home office together.

From there, we head to the kitchen.

My kitchen
My kitchen book shelf
My son room is painted bright blue. The previous owner was colorblind and could only see blue and yellow.

I think he will like his room.
The room has a book shelf for his toys and books. But there is plenty of space in the room for a book shelf for me.
My room is still a work in progress. But I have a big enough closet for my clothes, shoes and purses. And with no air conditioning, I rely on my fan.
My bedroom

My closet
mini book shelf in room

future library

All of this mess, above,  is where my future library will go. Since there is no air conditioning back there and the windows don't open, I don't venture back here much. But with the ribbon cutting in September, I need to start getting up early in the morning and doing some work. The books for the library are currently in the pantry.
My books waiting for their library

Spare bedroom/storage area

This is the spare room. Right now, it came fully furnished with a bed and other furniture. I am using it for storage.

My home is a work in progress. I feel have accomplished a lot but there is still more to do.

1. Blew a tire on my car and lived to tell about it!
2. So thankful for my house!
3. I'm going to have a library!!!!!!!


  1. Cosy house, and above all in order and is carefully, I can not boast of such a procedure))


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