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Rediscovering the joys of Target and unpacking

I spent my first weekend in Pickleland. So much is the same while so much is different. I vacuumed so much that I was afraid my vacuum cleaner was just going to give up on me. I love my little apartment. I promise to post photos when it is a little more presentable.
I unpacked most of the kitchen so now I have plates, cups and pans. You can’t really cook without pots and pans.
I still have a ton of clothes to put up. And then there is my bed. All of the pieces of my bed are in my bedroom except for my box spring. It is too big to come up the stairs. So I am either going to have to buy a new bed or use two twin box springs. Either way, it will have to wait because moving is not cheap.
Plus, I still have a lot of stuff, two rooms full, stored at my friend’s M house. I am so thankful that he was so generous to allow me to do this. I have some really awesome friends.
Overall, it has been a good move. While I am glad to reconnect with old friends in Pickleland, I do miss RR and my friends ther…

Returning home

The last three weeks have been insane and crazy. On Tuesday, I started my new job as staff writer at one of the best weekly newspapers in the state of NC. 
And last night, I stayed in my new apartment. It is so cute. It will probably be nicer once I get all of my stuff unpacked and arranged the way I want it. 
Things are still a little crazy because I hit the ground running with the new job. Normally at a newspaper, a reporter is allowed to ease into things. Since I lived in the area before and not fresh out of college, I had a meeting to cover on the first night that I worked. I am still living out of suitcases, boxes and laundry baskets. Eventually things will become normal again. 
I didn’t grow up in MTO but I lived there for seven years after college and learned a lot about the business. I view my time in RR as going off to college and graduate school. And now I have returned home. 
It feels so good to be back.
DAILY DOSE 1. So grateful to have a place to live and to work. 2. So glad the m…

Adventures in moving and other tales

Happy Thursday! It seems like forever since I have wrote something or read anything. Things have been crazy with me trying to work, move my stuff to storage and my new apartment and deal with the fact I am leaving RR. 
I am still pinching myself about the fact I am about to work at the newspaper I have dreamed about writing for. It is scary. This is one of the best weekly newspapers in the state of North Carolina. They are award winning and they hired me. I would do a little dance but now is not the time.
Today is my last day of work at my current job. I have been here six months but it feels like a year. I will miss everyone. Friday is going to be a blur of activity with boxes being moved, furniture being taken apart, carpets cleaned, saying good byes and other stuff.
When this adventure started, I had a three page to-do list. Now it is down to two pages. So much to do in so little time. 
I have been very blessed to have supportive awesome friends. For instance, my friend M is allowing me…