Monday, March 17, 2014

Rediscovering the joys of Target and unpacking

I spent my first weekend in Pickleland. So much is the same while so much is different. I vacuumed so much that I was afraid my vacuum cleaner was just going to give up on me. I love my little apartment. I promise to post photos when it is a little more presentable.

I unpacked most of the kitchen so now I have plates, cups and pans. You can’t really cook without pots and pans.

I still have a ton of clothes to put up. And then there is my bed. All of the pieces of my bed are in my bedroom except for my box spring. It is too big to come up the stairs. So I am either going to have to buy a new bed or use two twin box springs. Either way, it will have to wait because moving is not cheap.

Plus, I still have a lot of stuff, two rooms full, stored at my friend’s M house. I am so thankful that he was so generous to allow me to do this. I have some really awesome friends.

Overall, it has been a good move. While I am glad to reconnect with old friends in Pickleland, I do miss RR and my friends there. RR left a great impression on me.

I did take a break on Saturday to head to Gboro to look around. The population of the city is almost 40,000. This means just about everything is there. I went to Target, Books-A-Million and Goodwill. I was in heaven. I only brought a cool notebook for work but it was nice to have options.

The first week of my job went well. I feel like I am living in a dream. I still can’t believe I am working at my dream newspaper.
During my first staff meeting, I heard the publisher whisper to another reporter—She has a day planner.
Yes, I am old school. I like to write things down on a calendar and cross them on. I have one on my phone and computer but they are not my thing. I love day planners. Each December, I look forward to picking out a new calendar and a new personal journal. It is my way of ending one year and beginning another.
I took a slight pay cut to come here but I think it will work out. In my new position, I will have to step out of my comfort zone some and socialize more. I’ll just take it one event at a time.

1. Using unpacking as a way of getting more organized.
2. Filling up an entire trashcan outside with moving debris.
3. Creating my dream little book nook.

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