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14 Days with JJ in pictures

It has been awhile since I have posted. I have enjoying my vacation and additional time with my son. 

It was the best 14 days of my life. I got to spend it with JJ. It started with my weeklong vacation in South Carolina with him.

Each night, we played soccer. I actually got to win one night. It was a good workout.

Playing soccer is something I would not have been able to do four years ago. 

We visited my nephew in Rock Hill, SC where they both were kings of the park.

Two days before my vacation ended, I learned JJ could spend an additional week with me in RR. 

Since I was scheduled to work, he had a chance to come to work with me each day. He had his own office and got a chance to see what I do for a living.

It wasn't all work. There was some fun.

He had a chance to go to the Lake,  play at the park and do so much more.

JJ has returned home but he has many summer memories and a good vacation.

1. Being able to spend time with JJ.

2. Sharing with him what I do for a living.

3. Being a…

A Beautiful Surprise!!!

I have an amazing vacation. I enjoyed waking up each day beside a snoring 7-year-old. We have pretty much spent every moment together.
There have been moments at the park. My favorite thing has been our evening soccer games together. I feel so blessed to be healthy enough to play against the stamina of a kid. It ain't easy but I did win one night.
It thrills me to announce the fun will be extended a week. JJ is coming to RR for a week.  I will have to take him to work with me. He will have a chance to see what a reporter does.  It will be soooooo much fun.

1. Being able to spend my vacation with my favorite person in the whole wide world.
2. To have such an amazing child.
3. And to be able bring him home to visit RR.