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Sayonora Christmas!!!

Christmas is a time of good tidings and joy. The last few weeks have been a time of anxiety and angst for me. I didn't spoil Christmas for the rest of the world. But I was so happy to see Dec. 26 come, I could hardly stand it. I think all of the events of the last few years came to a head this season. Overall, it hasn't been a bad year but the last few months have been tough. 

Another reason for being happy about Dec. 26. It starts the last week of the year. Of the 52 weeks in the year, it is the most peaceful and quiet for me. The schools and colleges are closed. People are in decent moods. It is a week of zen. A week of not working late. A week of eating at table and not over the sink. It means no setting the burglary alarm at work and worrying about my safety in the dark parking lot. I get to go home and just veg. Love the last week of the year!!!

Plus, I got plans for New Year's Eve. A cardiology practice is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a big celebration Satur…

Becoming less of an hermit in 2012

I am not a social butterfly. Without my job as a reporter, I would be a hermit. 
For the first time since I moved to RR, I am having weekend guests at my apartment. My son and husband don't count because there is no expectation of me being neat. My college roommate is coming with the guy she is dating and his three small grandchildren for a visit. It took me a week to get the apartment presentable for others to see. It looks like something out of a magazine. I was so amazed Friday night that I just sat on the couch because I was scared I would mess it up. My record for neatness is, well there isn't a record because I am not a neat person. I have the best intentions but life and work usually get in the way. So for now, it has been one day of neat.
It really hasn't been a visit because they arrived at 2:30 a.m. this morning. I let them in, say hi and went back to bed. I left them at 9:15 a.m. still sleeping so I could go to work. I thought maybe I could meet up with them at th…

My happy place has let me down

When I am having a bad day, my go to happy place is the library. It is something about the quiet and orderly stacks of books that calms my soul. Today, my happy place let me down. I learned today as I was checking out some dvds and a book I have been waiting to read that I do not live in the city of RR based on my address. Because of this, I would have to pay $15. I have had this library card for a year. This never came up when I got the card. I love the library. I love it so much that at times I go out of my way to make sure the RR library and others in the area get very good coverage. In fact, I cover them much like I cover education. I see them as a vital part of the community. I know library is strapped for cash so I didn’t make too much of a fuss. But like I said this didn’t come up a year ago when I got the card.  It just bothers me a lot. Will it mean a decrease in coverage? No. Will I stop visiting it? No. It just means that my happy place will never be the same again.
The reas…

Countdown to the weekend has begun!!!!

I woke up wishing today was Friday. It has been a long week and it's only Wednesday. All of this education reporting is kicking my butt. Late nights and early mornings are rough. I realize today that I am spending too much time at the office coffee pot.

One big thing stands in the way of a weekend of relaxing and sorting through stuff--office christmas party. An event that strikes fear in the heart of many here. If it was just the newsroom, I would be cool with it but it's not. I mean folks are nice here but I don't want to spend my evening off with them. The event isn't mandatory but it's mandatory. But at least it is catered by a really good caterer.

I haven't heard anything about the job I applied for. I am cool with it. I realize that I am going to expand my opportunities in 2012. I am tired of working for peanuts. I mean I appreciate those peanuts because they keep the lights on and gas in the vehicle but that is about it. I know this means I might have to…
Tonight, I am doing something for myself. I am not a Christmas person but I am going to a tree lighting. Partially for self and to show some video for the newspaper but mostly for me. I am actually looking forward to freezing in a horse drawn carriage. I was invited by the mayor of one of the towns I cover as a special guest. I decided why not. Otherwise, I would probably be on the couch reading or plotting the demise of the mice. (More on that later). Even though, I haven't believed in Santa Claus in a long time, I do get excited to see the big guy in red. I can't explain why but I do. JJ still believes and I will do anything to keep magic alive for him. I think I will record a special message from Santa to JJ. In other news, I  have triumphed in the mouse in the house battle. I  have captured a few critters. Well actually, the glue trap got them. Hopefully, this is the end of the battle. But to be on the safe side, all traps and the poison will stay. I know I sound cruel but …