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Becoming less of an hermit in 2012

I am not a social butterfly. Without my job as a reporter, I would be a hermit. 

For the first time since I moved to RR, I am having weekend guests at my apartment. My son and husband don't count because there is no expectation of me being neat. My college roommate is coming with the guy she is dating and his three small grandchildren for a visit. It took me a week to get the apartment presentable for others to see. It looks like something out of a magazine. I was so amazed Friday night that I just sat on the couch because I was scared I would mess it up. My record for neatness is, well there isn't a record because I am not a neat person. I have the best intentions but life and work usually get in the way. So for now, it has been one day of neat.

It really hasn't been a visit because they arrived at 2:30 a.m. this morning. I let them in, say hi and went back to bed. I left them at 9:15 a.m. still sleeping so I could go to work. I thought maybe I could meet up with them at the family party. But then a woman decided to stab and kill another woman so I am still at work waiting on a phone call from the police chief. Normally, I would head home after a long day like this and watch a movie. Tonight, I will try to be sociable to my guest and find out about their day. I even rented some movies for the little ones.

My goal for 2012 is to try to be more sociable. I have went weeks without talking to some of my friends and family. It is a combination of a heavy workload and wanting to be left alone on what little free time I get. So I am making an effort. There is this big free New Year's Eve party here. I volunteered to shoot it for the magazine. This year, I will ring in the New Year in a nice dress, heels and makeup instead of my Curious George pajamas, my squishy pillow and a bag of Cheetos. 

Daily Dose

1. Be able to document one of the Police Departments taking kids Christmas Shopping.

2. My apartment is clean.

3. Trying to master the art of socializing!!!


  1. I can so understand you wanted to stay home in your pj's and just do nothing. Andy and I never celebrate new years at all. I am one of those ones in my pj's and I think that's okay. Good for your though if you do feel like dressing up and getting out there. I can't imagine being so busy. I am so glad that although I have the qualifications of a journalist, I never followed through and got a job in the area. I just don't think I could have coped with it. I think you're awesome for doing so and still having the time to post here. Good luck in the socialising. I hope it all goes well :)

  2. I'm a homebody too!! Which really is OK. Life is busy and sometimes it's hard to find the energy to get out. is meant to be lived. I have to remind myself of that sometimes and when I do get out and enjoy people and the world outside I'm always glad I did.


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