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New job, new city

A lot has happened since January 1. I wanted 2018 to be different and I got my wish. I applied and got a news editor position in South Carolina. This meant moving from Pickle Land to BSC!

From January 20 until now, my life has been about packing up my Pickle Land house, finishing out the notice of my job there, finding a new place to live, starting a new job, transporting my cat and getting all of my belongings from Pickle Land to BSC without going completely crazy.

It has been a crazy time. I am homesick beyond belief and very overwhelmed with learning a new job and city. But this decision was made for my son. This move has put me an hour from him. So it is worth all of the headaches, the boxes, and the anxiety.

1. I have a cute little house!
2. My cat is no longer mad at me!
3. I am closer to my son!