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2014 Recap

Today is the last day of 2014. It has been a pretty cool year with me getting a new job and moving back to a place I consider more home than anywhere. It was a chance to build a stronger connection with my son and others in my life. It has been a pretty good year. For the first time in years, I am in a good place. I didn't dread the holidays or facing another year. This is a good feeling.  I know 2015 will be a good year with many opportunities and adventures. 
2014 Goals
1. I wanted to have some articles published in a magazine. ACCOMPLISHED!!I am published in Southeastern North Carolina magazine. 2. For half of 2013 and 2014, I complained about issues at a previous job. I challenged myself to do something about it. ACCOMPLISHED!!I applied for a position at one of my dream newspapers and got the job. I have been at the Duplin Times for nine months. 3. I will be more sociable. SO-SO!!This will always be a work in progress.  4. Learn how to swim. NOT YET!! 5. I will try one new thing …

Holiday Memories

According to the AAA,more than 99 million Americans traveled by car or plane during the Christmas holidays. I was one of those people. This is my story. (Cue up the Law and Order clang clang I always wanted to do that.) Anyway, I am back after being away from home for five days. I had a great time with my son and nephew. It started on Christmas Eve morning with me packing and loading up my car in the rain. Since I was in no hurry, I stopped at Barnes and Noble and Wiener Works. I gave JJ his presents, which he loved, and hung out with my in-laws. Later, JJ and I tried to put together his Dino Legos set. When did Legos become so complicated? I think JJ no longer believes in Santa but doesn't want to disappoint me.

CHRISTMAS DAY On Christmas Day, we drove a hour to my brother’s in Rock Hill, SC. We had a pit stop in the little community of Buford at gas station where we brought snacks and newspapers. I introduced by son to white chocolate Reese cups. It was a happy moment for both of …

Christmas tidings

I am not a Christmas person. It just isn’t one of my favorite holidays. But I make it a priority for son. For the last eight years, Christmas shopping has been no big deal. But this year, my son is nine and I can feel things are changing. He is becoming more interested in different things along with the inevitable question about the man in the red suit. So the Road Tripper has been on the quest for Christmas presents. James Edward has never been picky about gifts. I could bring him some straws, toothpicks and a roll of duct tape and the boy would create something cool. Last year, he requested Legos. I got him Star Wars Legos. After 20 minutes of trying to figure it out, we came up with our own crazy creations. I wanted to get him something special. Thanks to the lower gas prices, I have traveled in search of the gift. Recently, I went to the Toys R Us in Fayetteville. I was in the store for a minute and realized that I was way out of my comfort zone. There were too many colors, children an…

I love my little apartment

I am so excited to announce that my new bed is arriving this week. Yay!!! No more sleeping on the couch or futon. For the last few months, when I am not working (which seems to be always) or visiting my son, I have been preoccupied with moving my life from Roanoke Rapids to Pickleland. This has not been an easy task because I lived in a two-bedroom apartment for four years and accumulated a lot of stuff.
I now live in a one-bedroom upstairs apartment. Honestly, it is like putting a gallon of barbecue in a pint size container.
I have traveled back and forth picking up countless boxes, totes and bookshelves for months now.
I think I could drive the route from Mount Olive to Roanoke Rapids with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back.
When I started these trips, there were two rooms full of stuff at my friend Mark’s house. Now there is only half a room full of boxes and a little bit of furniture.
 In traveling back and forth, I have learned a few things.
One, I don’t see myself movin…