Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Memories

JJ being goofy at the movie theater!
According to the AAA,  more than 99 million Americans traveled by car or plane during the Christmas holidays. I was one of those people. This is my story. (Cue up the Law and Order clang clang I always wanted to do that.)
Anyway, I am back after being away from home for five days. I had a great time with my son and nephew.
It started on Christmas Eve morning with me packing and loading up my car in the rain.
Since I was in no hurry, I stopped at Barnes and Noble and Wiener Works. I gave JJ his presents, which he loved, and hung out with my in-laws. Later, JJ and I tried to put together his Dino Legos set. When did Legos become so complicated? I think JJ no longer believes in Santa but doesn't want to disappoint me.

On Christmas Day, we drove a hour to my brother’s in Rock Hill, SC. We had a pit stop in the little community of Buford at gas station where we brought snacks and newspapers. I introduced by son to white chocolate Reese cups. It was a happy moment for both of us. We arrived at my brother’s where stayed until Sunday. My brother had cancelled Christmas dinner but decided to put a smaller version back into place with immediate family. It was much better.
My brother and I did have wine run to Walgreens. It is so awesome to be adults even if I don't drink wine. I make a kickass DD!


Fueling up for the big day!

Since my brother is a single parent, I took the boys so my brother could hang with his friends. We started out with lunch because we missed breakfast by a minute.
We went to Books-A-Million to get JJ and Devyn some comic books. It took about awhile for them to pick out some. 
Reenacting Star Wars!

 JJ was given money to get me a gift so we headed to Target. He got me a Doc McStuffins cup (He said the little girl reminds him of what I looked like as a little girl) and some really cool pens. My baby knows me so well.
Of there, JJ and I had Devyn join us in the traditional slushie after Target.
Continuing the slushie tradition!

Devyn posing!
After spending time in Target, we headed to the park where I let the boys run free. We went on a hike, which wore me out. ME not them.
Decided to have a pizza pajama party. We headed to the grocery store.

JJ being Mr. Smooth!

I woke up feeling bad. It seems my brother had a cold and didn’t mention it. We went to the $2 movie theater so I would rest and they could watch Guardians of the Galaxy. This was an interesting adventure because my nephew doesn’t like movie theaters and JJ had already seen the movie and has trouble keeping plot points to himself. Both did very well.

It was time to return to life. We stopped for a farewell slushie. I dropped off JJ at his father's and headed back to Pickle Land. All in all, it was a great Christmas. I learned that I am not as social as I liked to think but I did okay.

1. Spending time with my son and nephew!
2. White Chocolate Reese cups!
3. DayQuil Natural Fusion! It is amazing especially when you can't call in sick to work.

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