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I love when a plan comes together

It has been tough juggling two lives. My current life is living in Roanoke Rapids, NC while working as an assistant editor in Emporia, Va. Some days I don't know if I am coming or going. All of this is being done while I am trying to pack up my two bed-room apartment. There are boxes, full and empty, everywhere. It is very chaotic but everything is working out.

I am old school and love to write out daily to-do list on colorful sticky notes in my day planner. I could put it all on my phone but I love being able to cross things off my list.

All of the these boxes are for my future life in Mount Olive, NC (aka Pickleland). Thanks to a friend and a previous landlord, I have a one bedroom upstairs apartment in a beautiful old house. I call it my penthouse. I have rented this place based on a glimpse of it six years ago when I lived in the apartment below it. I am so excited because this is a sign that everything is going to be okay. Even though I am a messy person, there is a certain a…

Embarking on a new adventure

Happy Valentine's Day!!! It has been an amazing week. I had another snow day off in the middle of the week and I have a new job.

First the snow! This is the third time for snow. I have seen more snow this winter than my entire life.

It started snowing while I was at work in Virginia.

During my 30-minute drive, it started to come down hard. I was very fortunate to make it home in one piece.

I love looking the snow from my back porch.

Right now, I am so happy. I could float away like a balloon. I will be moving from RR back to Pickleland in March. I am so excited because I will be three hours from my son. I am so excited I could scream. It will be a challenge to pack and move in a month but I am up for it.

Of course, right now my life is in disarray.

There are tons of boxes everywhere.

With the help of my friend T, I found an upstair one bedroom apartment above where I previously lived in Pickleland. I feel so blessed. I will admit that I am very scared and nervous but I know God i…

More snow days and other adventures

Last week was absolutely insane. I only worked two days last week  because it snowed Tuesday evening and I spent Wednesday and Thursday stuck inside my apartment drinking hot chocolate, reading magazines and packing.

In North Carolina, snow does not happen much so cities and towns don't allocate the money for snow stuff. When it snows, you hunker down inside and enjoy it. Plus, I work in Virginia so there was no safe way to get to work. 
I had several adventures in the snow.

I made a message for my son.

He made a message for me.

Took photos of where I lived.

I am packing. There is a chance I could get a reporter’s job that will put me just three hours from JJ. Three hours! I applied for it on Tuesday and was ask to come for an interview this Saturday. Insane! I will be close to JJ but it will mean leaving my best friends and others in RR. Plus, I could be leaving my current job and leave them in a situation. But it will mean returning to Pickleland. It is like I am coming back full cir…