Friday, December 9, 2011

My happy place has let me down

When I am having a bad day, my go to happy place is the library. It is something about the quiet and orderly stacks of books that calms my soul. Today, my happy place let me down. I learned today as I was checking out some dvds and a book I have been waiting to read that I do not live in the city of RR based on my address. Because of this, I would have to pay $15. I have had this library card for a year. This never came up when I got the card. I love the library. I love it so much that at times I go out of my way to make sure the RR library and others in the area get very good coverage. In fact, I cover them much like I cover education. I see them as a vital part of the community. I know library is strapped for cash so I didn’t make too much of a fuss. But like I said this didn’t come up a year ago when I got the card.  It just bothers me a lot. Will it mean a decrease in coverage? No. Will I stop visiting it? No. It just means that my happy place will never be the same again.

The reason my day is bad is because I didn’t sleep last night. The mouse in the house situation has reared its ugly head again. Every bit of the poison put is gone. And last night, I  heard mouse squeaking that honestly freaked me out so bad that almost left the house to go hang out at work at 3 a.m. This means war. I  have brought more poison and candles because this battle is about to really ugly and smelly. My guess is there are mice babies around now.

In trying to find mice bodies, I have come to realization that I have too much stuff. I will admit after my mother’s death that I brought a lot of stuff to fill the emptiness. Things like clothing, pens, books and blank notebooks. Plus when I moved from the motel to an apartment, I didn’t unpack everything. So now I am going through stuff.
For instance I found a tote filled with Curious George stuff. I have quite a collection. I can’t give it to JJ because he has declared George is for babies. But he would take an item if it made me happy. So I have decided to donate some of the items to local school libraries and public libraries. I know George will be appreciated and taken care of.
As for my James Dean collection, I am not ready to go there yet.

Since I couldn’t sleep last night, I cleaned out two totes of stuff. If I couldn’t sleep, then something got accomplished. My goal is to have everything sorted by March 1. I found small tote full of writing pens. After going through them, I could actually give two pens to each person in the newsroom with plenty left over. Note to self: stop buying pens!


1. Friday is finally here!

2. My editor loved my more than 1,100 word story on the merging of two high schools.

3. The only thing that stands between me and relaxing is DH Christmas Party.


  1. I am so afraid of mice! I don't blame you for declaring war. I hope you get them out of your house. Bummer about the library fee.

  2. Mice! Ugh! Kitty cat?

    Non-res library fees are going up all over. Indiana has a "PLAC" card that entitles one to a card at every library in the state. In the last 6 years, the price has more than doubled.

  3. I'm not a fan of mice either, especially when you know they are there and you can't find them. I'm sorry to hear about your experience in the library, I think I would have been upset too had it been me. I am lucky here in Australia because we still don't have to pay in public libraries, except if you specifically order something and then it's about $1.20. Thanks for your comment about my fingerless mitts, I am making another pair for me and one for Andy and also a different set for as well. That should keep me going for a while. Keep well and I hope you get the mice!

  4. I don't like mice either :(

    I just popped by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for the year ahead.
    Thinking of you


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