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Tonight, I am doing something for myself. I am not a Christmas person but I am going to a tree lighting. Partially for self and to show some video for the newspaper but mostly for me. I am actually looking forward to freezing in a horse drawn carriage. I was invited by the mayor of one of the towns I cover as a special guest. I decided why not. Otherwise, I would probably be on the couch reading or plotting the demise of the mice. (More on that later). Even though, I haven't believed in Santa Claus in a long time, I do get excited to see the big guy in red. I can't explain why but I do. JJ still believes and I will do anything to keep magic alive for him. I think I will record a special message from Santa to JJ.
In other news, I  have triumphed in the mouse in the house battle. I  have captured a few critters. Well actually, the glue trap got them. Hopefully, this is the end of the battle. But to be on the safe side, all traps and the poison will stay. I know I sound cruel but mice in house have wrecked havoc. I have had to throw out food and other items. I was trying to be patient and humane but then the critters got into my Lucky Charms. They made me mad. I noticed last night that all of the poison that looks like green Froot Loops is gone. In a few days, whatever is eating that will be a goner. This means the winter clean is on because I need to figure out where those little bodies are. Once again, I am not a cruel, sadistic person but those mice chewed on some important things.
JJ getting a hug from the Shriners' Bulldog at the Conway Christmas Parade. JJ has a blast at his first Christmas parade.
I am tired but a happy tired.  JJ enjoyed himself here in RR. I took him home Sunday. And for a few hours on Monday, I was the mom. I got him ready for school and dropped him. And before I left SC to head home, I had lunch with him in the cafeteria. The cafeteria serves really good lemonade. As for the food, it was so-so. But JJ was happy to have a family member eating lunch with him. His classmates looked at me like I some sort of alien.  Overall, a good Thanksgiving. Hopefully next year, the communication will be much better.
1. Finding a Hardee's Cheddar biscuit on my desk.
2. Going shopping in my own home.
3. Looking into side gigs to make extra money. Maybe my true talent lies in extermination!


  1. I don't blame you for killing the mice. You gotta do what you gotta do. I'm glad you and JJ had a great time together. Hardee's cheddar biscuits; I've never had those but they sound gooood. I've had the ones from Red Lobster.

  2. I am glad you had a good time with JJ and had a good christmas parade. In Australia we don't have christams parades at all. The only real christmas thing we have is carols in candlelight, which is massive and televised live to your tv from Sydney. There is also the Lord Mayors christmas carols too that get televised the same night usually [both on christmas eve I think]. I think it's because it's usually so hot here at christmas too. I'm glad you liked my glasses :)

  3. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with JJ!!! And a ride in a horse-drawn carriage! You will have to share the experience with us; it sounds lovely.

    It is too bad you don't have a cat, because having one would certainly take care of the mice and other critters, too. I have had cats since my late-20s and never have had any problems with mice. However, I do understand some people don't like cats.


  4. NOT THE LUCKY CHARMS!! But seriously...wishing you a pest-free holiday season. Keep on swimming. You're doing great! Have a good day :)


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