Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shh!!! Can you keep a secret?

I am EXCITED!!!!

As most know, my husband and I are separated with him having custody of our son. Long story short, it stems from my issues with ED and other psych stuff. The estranged one has custody and I pretty much jump through hoops in order to see JJ. One hoop is visitation rules. If I want to see my son, I am the one who has to travel to see him. There is hardly ever an offer of meeting halfway. When I lived in RR, it was a five hour drive one way to see JJ. Now, it is only three hour drive.

One bright spot has been my sister-in-law, who has a best  that lives reasonable close to me. If SIL visits her, then I can travel about two and half hours and see JJ. It’s not ideal but it is nice of her.

Okay back to why I am so excited. I got a text from the estranged one that asked about my work hours for the weekend. I text them back to him. And while all of this texting was going on, I was watching JAWS’ theme music was playing in the background.

Turns out the SIL is planning to see the bff this weekend. It is not etched in stone but if she does, I can pick up JJ Friday afternoon and have him for the weekend in Pickleland. I am so happy. Cue “Happy” by Pharrell for a happy dance.  And since I have moved to Pickleland, the drive to best friend’s house is now only a hour and half. YAY!!!!!!

Lately, the estranged one has been easing up on me. It could be because he realizes I am doing well and continuing to stay healthy.  Or it could be because he got hurt at work a few months ago and now understands more about people having health and mental issues.

Don’t know but it has made the dynamic more interesting and bearable. We have always worked hard to be civil for the sake of the JJ. In the beginning, it was rough being away from my son. I have missed so many moments in his life. But as JJ has gotten older, he has gotten more vocal about wanting to see me. Being a reporter means my schedule is a little more flexible than most 9 to 5 jobs. So I am able to stay a long weekend here and there.

I hope this means that estranged one and I are turning a corner in all of this. I am looking forward to spending time with my son at my new home where I live. Like I said, it isn’t a done deal so I am hoping and praying everything works out.

I know all of my friends would love to see him and marvel at how much he has grown. That will have to be another visit. I’m going to be selfish and keep my Pookie Bear to myself. I’m not sure what we’ll do but whatever it is, we’ll do it together!

1. A good cup of coffee
2. Looking forward to eating lunch
3. Hopefully seeing my son on Friday

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  1. That is good news!!! I'm so glad for you. I think your being civil with him despite how difficult it was and continuing to work on yourself has paid off!


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