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Surviving the flu, scales and other trials

This cold and flu season, I forgot to get a flu shot. I have been so busy doing all kinds of stuff.
It came back to bite me back hard two weeks ago.

I started feeling bad on Monday and by Wednesday, I was in bed with a fever. My routine was bed to fridge to couch. Once on the couch, I ate and took medicine. I would sleep for a few hours. Wake up and go in reverse back to bed. I did not leave my apartment for two days. I emerged on Friday to go to work for a few hours. And then it was back to bed. I am back at work and not contagious but regaining my strength.

While I was sick, I had time to think. I realize my time off is either for my son or to help others. I don't mind any of it. But it was nice just to relax and have to worries except to get well. I am probably the only person who had the flu and was so zen about it.

I am finally starting feel to myself. The lessons I have learned include getting a flu shot and being kinder to myself.

Spring is officially here and with it comes the ability to no longer hid in cozy sweaters. It is time to embrace tank tops, shorts, skirts and dresses. For the first time in years, I am not worried. I am going to appreciate what I see in the mirror.

Recently, I spent the night at my friend K's home. It is a gorgeous home that looks like it came out of HGTV magazine. I didn't develop decorating envy. I realize we all have different decorating styles. My style is Jackie chic. In other words, it makes me happy. And those who don't like it, well they can shut the door on their way out of my apartment.

While at K's home, I noticed a scale in bathroom. I haven't checked my weight in months. I stood on the scale, saw the number (117) and didn't freak out. I was actually pleased with the number. And then I went on with my day. This is really the only time I have given it any thought. I have come a long way.

I guess it is because I have decided to be more positive, at peace with myself and not to let the bullshit bother me.

Life should be live and I am sick of wallowing in self pity.
Spring is here! It's time to put the sweaters up, shave my legs and enjoy life.
Happy Spring!!!

1. Having lunch outside!
2. Making the decision to cut my hair!
3. Being alive!


  1. I can imagine how you are feeling. But the upside is you'll feel better soon at some point and you'll feel like everything troubling you is behind you and be back to your old self! <3

  2. Feel better soon! Being sick is the worst. And that's a super big step that you did not get wrapped up in a number. It's just a number. I have to tell myself that A LOT!


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