Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not interested in becoming a Criminal Minds episode

I live in the Roanoke Valley and there is a lot of crime here. It ranges from murder to shootings to burglary and home invasions. Some days, it feels like an episode at Criminal Minds. For awhile, I didn't feel comfortable leaving home. But of late, crime has move to stealing of scrap metal and appliances. And it's not just abandon homes but occupied ones.

So it didn't surprise that the county I  live in has the fifth highest crime rate in the state of North Carolina. I mean we are up there with the big counties like Mecklenburg. One thing I have noticed, people are fed up. A few weeks ago,  I read a case in my newspaper that made the only newsroom go WOW!

Here's the story. Two men get into an argument at a store. Man 1 decides to go home and get a gun. Everyone urges Man 1 to leave but he refuses. Man 1 returns with gun and shoots Man 2. Now get this, Man 2, who has just been shot, proceeds to beat the crap out of Man 1. In fact at one point Man 2 stops the beating, goes into the store and has employees to call 911 for him. Man 2 comes back out and continues to beat Man 1. When the police arrive, it takes a moment for the realize who the victim. I don't condone violence. But Man 2 had a right to defend himself. Man 2 was not charged.

I am careful  and vigilant but refuse to be a prisoner in my own home. I think most of the Roanoke Valley feels the same. I admit it was so tempting when I went home for lunch to let the screen up on the backdoor and let the rain lull me to sleep. Then I remembered where I live and how I don't feel like being a Criminal Minds episode or being on the front page.


1. JJ graduated from kindergarten today!!!!

2. JJ is reading at a second grade level.

2. My son is AWESOME!!!!


  1. I wouldn't mind being on Criminal Minds but only as an F.B.I. agent.

  2. Holy crap! Yeah, I guess a bullet wound is proof enough of self defense!

  3. Congratulations about JJ!!! He does sound awesome!

    (I didn't read about the crime because I tend to obsess about these things, and worry way too much. Please be careful!!)


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