Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Funny but true story

My car is fixed. Instead of being bummed, I used the time to clean, read and relax. It's been a long time since I slowed down.
I asked my friends who have in RR to tell me the best place to go for repairs. We will call it Tire X. It is a place down the street from the newspaper since I would need to have it towed.

I made the call Monday morning for them to pick Bea up. Yes, my car is named Beatrice. Bea for short. My friend J picked me up so I could drop off the key and pick up some groceries.
So story short, Tire X picked up the wrong car. So my coworker M comes out for a late lunch discovers her Grand am gone and my cavalier in the parking lot. Not only did they take the wrong car but key for my car fits her ignition. It was all figured out with her "stealing" her car from Tire after hours.

The repair was some wire replacement, no towing fee and minimal pain to my bank account. God is awesome.
I will see my son soon. I just have to keep the faith.

1. Rekindling my love of Bonanza.

2. Being appreciative of my blessings and friends.

3. Eating a brown mule while watching a cute guy mow the lawn.


  1. Haha! I'm glad you can see the humorous side of things!

  2. So glad it wasn't expensive!! I can't believe the same key just happened to fit both cars. That's too funny!!!

  3. I have really enjoyed the past few posts. I feel a sense of hopefullness that is stronger than usual.
    I also, as I have said before, love that you end each piece with "Daily Dose"
    You're amazing.


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