Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Inspection Day

To those who know me, I am not neat. 
I am not filthy but I am not neat. 
When I moved back to Pickleland, I hit the ground running. I moved a bunch of stuff on March 1. Moved out of my old apartment March 7 and into my new one March 10 and started my job March 11. I have been going nonstop since then.
It all came to a crashing halt at the end of December when my landlord had to let Terminx guy into my upstairs apartment so they could get into the attic. 
My apartment was little messy to me. But to him, there was too many boxes and stuff around. I was told that I had 30 days to clean up.
It was not an easy cleanup because I had to make some tough decisions about what to keep.
I knew this day would come especially living in a one bedroom apartment with two bedrooms worth of stuff.
And here’s the kicker—there is still more stuff at my friend’s house.
I have donated six boxes of stuff to the local thrift store, gave my best friend a bunch of my purses and given away stuff to other friends.
After weeks of donating, giving away and throwing away, the apartment looks really good. I still have some odds and ends to pick up, some mopping and cleaning the bathroom.
Honestly, the best thing that the landlord could have ever done was send me that letter. My apartment really feels like home.
It is nice to see the floor and not get anxious thinking about all the cleaning I have to do. I hope my landlord isn’t expecting Martha Stewart because that will not happen. I’m just me. I will never be neat and tidy but I will be clean and not filthy.
1.   My new pink cape that I brought brand new. I saw it and fell in love.

2.   The camera that a friend gave me that he didn’t want. I love hand-me-downs!
3.   Having a long weekend with my best friend at the Lake!


  1. Good for you! Sometimes you have to be forced. It is so hard letting go of stuff. I am still hanging onto my donation bags for goodwill. They are in my car and I need to just drop them off already. It's just stuff!!

  2. I'm shocking with cleaning. I get inspections from time to time and I usually clean for it and then wait for the next one. Ugh! I hate them.


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