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Distressing news

I have enjoyed my new job pretty good. The only downside has been having no insurance, which means no medications and or doctor visits.

Without insurance, seroquel is very expensive. And there are very few options in my area for mental health care.  Using a calendar and a lot of prayer, I worked hard to make a sixty day supply last until Dec. 3. This would be the day my insurance would kick in and I could have meds again.

I found out yesterday that because I started my job on Sept. 3 and not Sept. 1. I will have to wait until Jan. 1 to have insurance.

I need my meds. I am suppose to be on two but dropped to one in these dire times. I have been googling and calling so I can get some more meds.

Historically for me, the time between my birthday and New Year is a rough time for me. In the past, these are the times I hit bottom, relapse or attempt suicide.

Right now, I am doing okay. I am taking it one day at at a time. Anything more is overwhelming. Without consistent meds, I find my tolerance with people is used up quickly each day.

So I do little things like going to the car to listen to music, headphones at work or a quick lap around the library helps to balance me.

I have faith things will work out but it just sucks that I have to wait until Jan. 1 for insurance. It is amazing how much that little plastic card makes life so much easier.

       1. I am thankful today is a good day.
       2. Hearing my son’s voice.

       3. He made the A/B Honor Roll. YAY!


  1. Such a touch situation to be in. Hope you can hang on until Jan. It's very sad that people who need medication can't get it.

  2. I took Seroquel once. It was a powerful med and certainly knocked my socks off! I am taking something else and have also had similar challenges before. I opened my pills and cut the dosages down so I could remain on them but make them last longer. Sounds like you are making some wise choices in how to handle the stress everyday....There must be someway to get those meds...Is there a county medical facility? Could you get a copy of your medical records (free) from your doctor and then take them to a free or low cost clinic and see if they can help? I am so very sorry you are having to go through all of this. But it does look like you have a wonderful son to come home to! :)

  3. Go to Print off a coupon. And present it to the pharmacy. I use this all the time for my clients. (especially for seroquel).

  4. Jackie,

    It's my understanding the AstraZeneca, the manufacturers of Seroquel, offer help to people who can't afford the meds. Have you looked into that?


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