Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Horror movie marathon

I have always loved horror movies. It started when I was 11 or 12 with the movie Halloween. I remembered being scared out of my mind but I was hooked. Through the years, I have watched everything from Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Saw.

But I have noticed as I get older, I don’t like the really gory stuff or movies like Paranormal Activity.

For months, JJ has been obsessed with watching horror movies. Recently, he saw commercial for the new version of Carrie and wanted to see it. I have seen the original and want to see the new version. I don't

 I had promised him a horror movie festival when I came for my visit. I have never seen or heard someone so excited. I had picked out several such as Virus, The Fog, Legion and Cloverfield. I knew secretly that he would only make through one movie before being scared shitless. My son is smart for his age but he is 7.

So Saturday night, we put on our pajamas and started watching Cloverfield. It scared him. To me, Cloverfield is not a scary movie but I am an adult.

Several things happened:
1. It was the only movie we watched.
2. There was a vow from him to never watch a horror movie again.
3. I had to sleep in the bed with him.
4. I had to escort him to the bathroom.
5. I had to check out the entire room out for critters.

I had a feeling that he wasn’t quite ready. So I picked a movie that wouldn't be so bad to watch. In another year or so, he will be ready for the horror. For now, he is content to stick with The Avengers and anything animated. And that is okay with me.

1. Having a great visit with JJ.
2. Being able to sit outside and drink a cherry slushie with him.
3. Being in the moment!


  1. I used to love scary movies too. Not any more... Last weekend, I thought I could watch the conjuring. I watched the preview and was like hell f'n no... not for me! lol.

  2. I have always loved scary movies! The scarier the better. Bring it!! Well, I guess he learned his lesson. And I'm sure you are secretly glad (as most moms would be) because that's just one more way he's staying your little boy. For now at least.


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