Monday, October 21, 2013

Feeling like an "Avenger"

I am having the best Monday that I have had in a longtime. It started with getting ready to 80s music. But the best part is being able to do 75 mph on I-95 in a Dodge Avenger. I felt like I was in a state-of-the-art tank. It was AWESOME!!!!

Well, how did I go from a 2004 Chevy Cavalier named Beatrice to an amazing piece of machinery like the Avenger. On Friday, I was rear ended while coming back from covering a pep rally. Yes, a pep rally!! I was just sitting in traffic waiting and hoping to leave work early. Instead, a lady hit me and I hit a pick up truck. As the person in the middle, my car was the most damaged. I am a little achy but doing fine. I feel very blessed because things could have easily been worse.

So now, I am the temporary owner of a Dodge Avenger. The police report for the accident will not be ready until Tuesday so I am enjoying my temporary ride. This is why my Monday is so AWESOME!!!

My weekend celebration with my best friend was great. We sat around and drank Cherries!! It is a drink she made up that has cherry limeade, vodka, cherry pie filling and lots of ice. By 7 p.m. Saturday, we were some happy ladies. It was nice to have a low stress birthday with lots of conversation, good food and homemade red velvet cake.

I think I am in a good mood because I refuse to be defeated by life and its challenges. I am trying to be the glass is half full girl instead of half empty girl. So it will be a good week because at the end of it, I am leaving early on Friday to go and visit my JJ. And we will be Avengers together!!!


1. Being able to drive a Dodge Avenger!!!

2. Being able to watch away from car accident with just minor bruises.

3. Having my best friend make me homemade red velvet cake!!!

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