Friday, October 18, 2013

Birthday adventures

I am officially 40 and I am loving it. Plans for my birthday were simple. I was headed to my best friend's home by the lake where we would drink, watch movies and veg out.

Instead I was in bed sick with a bad cold. I am not disappointed or angry. Secretly, I am happy. I like celebrating my birthday alone. It is a time for reflection, key lime pie and the ability to what I want to do.

I celebrated by singing Happy Birthday to myself, drinking NyQuil and watching Brat Pack movies. It was absolutely perfect. One of the best things was having my son sang Happy Birthday to me. I will see him next weekend and we plan to bake my birthday cake together. I would prefer it to be a red velvet one. But I am pretty sure he will pick something with crazy colors and strawberry icing.

Since I am feeling better, my bestie and I will celebrate my birthday with homemade chicken pot pie, homemade red velvet cake and vodka. Nothing says Happy 40th Birthday like lemonade and vodka while sitting on a deck looking at a beautiful lake.

And next weekend, it will be birthday celebration no. 3 with son. It will be more cake and soccer in the park.

I'm loving being 40!


1. It is Friday. No work for two days.

2. Finally, unpacking all of my cute sweaters and jackets.

3. Feeling blessed!

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  1. Celebrate all month if you want! Happy Birthday. I'm so happy for the weekend too.


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