Wishing I was still in bed and other Monday adventures

My get and go is still in bed this morning. This is price one pays when they put really good sheets on the bed. I didn’t want to get up this morning. I just wanted to stay in bed and enjoy it. Note to self--must win lottery. My weekend was semi-productive when I wasn’t sleeping. I cleaned and mop both the kitchen and bathroom. I  made a homemade pasta meal with chicken, rotina pasta, a cheese sauce and onions. I was pretty proud of it. I am no Paula Deen but I did okay.
Threw out a 39 gallon garbage bag full of stuff. 

In nine days, JJ turns the big six and then he will hopefully come up here for a few days. Honestly, I am starting to lose hope. I think the husband is having second thoughts. I am trying to control my anger. I know the holiday are going to be rough since this is the first year without his mother. But don’t get my hopes up only to dash them. I miss my mother also. Thanksgiving was our holiday. And it will never be the same without her. I was told that JJ has two weeks off for Christmas. I don’t have that time off for Christmas. Time off at Christmas is a big no-no. Sometimes I just want scream. 

Found a pawn shop here that is selling three dvds for $5. I found some that I  hadn’t seen. I am a major book person with books all around my room. I’ll have to post a picture. I love waking up and seeing my book shelves. It helps me get centered each morning. I like watching movies but if there is a choice between buying a book or a dvd. The book always wins. This weekend, I am going with a friend from to watching Breaking Dawn, part 1. It is not a priority movie to see but I know K just lost her dog of 14 years and she is pretty bum. Not mention, she is getting over pneumonia. Sometimes, you just need a movie watching buddy so I will go. Besides, she has been talking about this movie for a year. She is hyped and I am a little more subdued about it.

It is almost lunch time so I think I will head home for some tomato bisque soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. And then sneak in a little nap in my beautiful bed.

Daily Dose
1. My bed
2. I am glad for the option to make choices.
3. Wondering when Cowboys and Aliens comes out on dvd. I need my Daniel Craig fix.


  1. Happy birthday to JJ, hope he has an awesome day :)


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