Friday, October 7, 2016

Close to being able to smile again

 In recovering from my ED, I am okay healthwise but the big casualty was my teeth. And when you are a reporter, it is quite embarrassing to have bad teeth. 

So I don’t smile or talk much. I have a reputation for being a good but unsmiling reporter. This year, I decided I was going to do something. At that time, I thought I only had $1,000 to work with my newspaper’s dental plan. 

So I carefully planned to have seven teeth removed this year, some other things done in 2017 and dentures in 2018.
Imagine my surprise when I learned my plan covers up to $5,000 in dental each year. $5,000. If everything goes well this year, I will have dentures by March or earlier in 2017. 

For me, this will show just how far I have come in recovery. I am taking my life back. And I will be able to smile about it instead of just looking pleasant. If I could yell this from the rooftop, I would. :) :) :)

1. The DH's dental plan!!!!
2. Being prepared for Hurricane Matthew.
3. No work this weekend because of Hurricane Matthew.


  1. That's such good news Jacqueline. I am so happy for you. I bet you are so relieved too. I have a few friends with bad teeth and it really affects their lives. In actual fact my partner has a tooth missing near the front and he doesn't smile much. So yeah, glad to hear that :)


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