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So much to read, so little time to do in

 This is from my Book Nerd column that I write for my local newspaper.
I am about to write about something that will cement my reputation as a nerd.
Of late, I have seen the term “to be read” or TBR in the various book and geek circles I move within.
I never realized just how much thought people have given this term.
Many people defined their TBR list as the books they own but haven’t read yet.
Some have said the TBR list is the stack of books on a person’s nightstand.
Honestly, there is no room on my nightstand for books. On my nightstand, there is a glass of water, one book, my cd player, Bible and a stack of magazines.
And some folks have a TBR book jar, which is where they have written down the titles of all the books they own but haven’t read yet on little slips of paper. Then they put them in a jar or a container and pick them out one at a time.
I don’t use the TBR label. In my tote bag, right now is black journal with a list of books I want to read. I guess it is the “books I want to read list”.
This journal goes most places with me.
It is nine and half pages with 369 books on it. And each Tuesday, I add about 12 books to it.
Eventually, I will create a spreadsheet to keep track of them but I love being able to write the titles down and check them off the list once I have read them.
According to, it would take me 14 years and nine months to read all the books on the list. I would finish it Feb. 21, 2031 at the age of 56. This means I couldn’t add any more books to the list.
Plus, will I actually have time to read all of the books on the list? Probably never but you can’t blame a girl for trying.
Using my personal library as my TBR does make some sense because I know some of the books on my list are owned by me.
I probably own about 600 books. It could be more or it could be less. I’m certain it is much more.
While doing research for this column, I noticed many people have some shame about their list.
Do I feel guilty or anxious for having so many books I want to read or books I own? No. Why should I be ashamed? I am Book Nerd and being able to read is part of my very being. When it stops being fun, I will figure out why and correct the situation. 
The list gives me options when I can’t find anything I want to read in the library or bookstore.
Years ago, when I had a lot of time on my hands, I used to color code my list. Now I just write it out by hand. I guess that is the Luddite in me.
There are certain codes for the list.
If there is a star, it means the review was great and I want to read it. The star helps jog my memory.
A square means I want to buy it. An underlined title means I somehow ended up owning it.
Last week, I reserved five of the books on my list at the library. I have three checked out.
Currently, I am reading two books at the same time. I am reading “After the Woods” by Kim Savage during lunch and between assignments. “Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania” remains at home on my nightstand or coffee table.
The list I carry around is a mini mobile library. It gives me something to look forward to and a little surprise.
What do you think? What do you consider to be a TBR and do you think a certain number should be the cap?

1. I have moved to the house. Now comes to the unpacking!
2. A Little Debbie cake and a cup of coffee is a great breakfast!
3. Summer is almost here!


  1. I love this post! I have so many books to read...and then I buy more books to read. And magazines. And articles online. And newspaper articles. get the idea. Right now I'm reading a young adult novel and having waiting for me a book about near-death experiences. However, I also need to get back to the historical book I was reading about King Henry VIII and his wives...


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