Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Getting my mojo back

Most days, I feel like I am just holding everything together and then the cracks will start showing.
I celebrated two years at my newspaper on Friday. Yesterday, I found the person who is in my previous job got promoted to regional editor. I wondered if that could have been me. Am I going nowhere here? Sometimes I wonder what I should do. Sometimes I wonder if it is spending too much time on the couch. Being out of commission for six weeks did something to me. I'm having a hard time getting mojo back.

On Friday, I decided it was time to try to get it back. I had to do a work assignment in Wilmington on the riverfront. This is a picture of me and my big bag. My friends thought I had a date hidden inside it. I decided to stay and hang with my friend and her boyfriend. I had a wonderful time.
Normally when I do a road trip, I always do the sight seeing and then head to a library or bookstore. This time I stepped outside my comfort zone.

I headed to Wild Wing CafĂ© with Nat and her boyfriend. There are 33 different sauces for the wings. It goes from Hey Rookie! To Braveheart (so hot you can lose your head over it). I  had the Ginger wings, which were sweet and saucy with an oriental twist. They were great with Mr. Pibb but not so great with the Samuel Adams grapefruit beer. My friends had the lemon pepper wings and the honey lime sriracha.

After filling up on wings, we headed to see a movie at Mayfaire is an outdoor shopping center with more than 65 stores, 21 restaurants, a movie theater.
All the things I love are there—Barnes and Noble, Banana Republic, World Market, Ann Taylor, J.Jill, J.Creek and much more.
I waved to the Barnes and Noble as we passed by it to go to the movie theater.
We were there to see 10 Cloverfield Lane. See. This. Movie. It was great. And long after it is over, you will think about it. I won’t give it. I watched it on an IMAX screen while drinking a slushie and eating Reese Pieces.

My friends had invited friends so afterwards, we ended to the Dig and Dive. This place was amazing. It had a ton of TVs to keep up with the college basketball games. And outside there was soft sand volleyball, cornhole, bocce ball and dodgeball. 

If I hadn’t had a cosmopolitan, a Washington Martina and two buttery rum shots, I would be playing but no. I also had some chicken nachos. 

At the end of the night, I stayed on my friend’s couch. I had a great time and realized there is more to life than my remote and couch.

All of this stems from reading the Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.  For one year, she said yes to everything. I will admit that I haven’t say yes to everything but more like 90 percent of the time, which is awesome for me.
So far, saying yes has:
--Led to a nice date with a hot guy.
--Making a fort in the living room with son.
--Playing jenga while tipsy.
--Being kissed on the nose by a llama
--Nuzzled by a camel
--And saying yes to moving from my beloved one-bed room apartment to a three-bedroom house.
So it is the year of semi-yes for me! Remember Roman wasn’t built in a day and neither were extroverts.

1.   Cupcakes
2.   Going out of town for lunch and shopping.
3.   Time with friends!

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  1. Oh yes, there is so much more to life than being at home. I'm a homebody so sometimes I forget this too, but when I do go out and laugh and eat and drink with people I enjoy it so much. You want to look back and know that you had good times...not just relaxing times on the couch. Glad you had fun! Barnes and Noble can wait!


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