Wednesday, September 23, 2015

No more pity parties

The last few weeks have been pretty rough for me. My close friend died and my best friend’s dad is terminally ill.
And I have been battling a bad cold and ended having a bad allergic reaction to Mucinex.
The death of my friend Nelson has gotten me to thinking about making some changes in my life.
My first one is to stop the couch surfing and pity partying.  I have been upset about a lot of things from not making enough money and missing my son to body issues and restlessness.
In a few days, I will be 42-years-old. 42. 
It is time to stop hiding. It is time be more active and stop hiding in my second story apartment.
It is time for me to stop hiding behind baggy clothes.
It is time for action. I am on the quest to be Action Jackson. It will start with heading to the Benson Mule Days on Friday. It will be an event way out of my comfort zone. It’s different.
Every morning I read devotion from Joel Osteen. Yesterday, it was about our words can help us or defeat us. My words are going to start helping myself and others.
I am ready for some mini adventures. So yes to action and maybe to an occasionally couch day.
Change isn’t so bad. And change is coming with a possible move in the future.

1.       Benadryl s awesome.
2.       Having friends lookout for you when you are sick.
3.       I’m going to a mule pulling contest.

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