Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Looking busy on a Wednesday

It is rainy muggy day here in Kville. I am ready to go home and prepare for the Criminal Minds season premiere tonight.
 I am writing this so I can look busy at work. I should be writing about a work session but I’m just not feeling it. Hurricane Joaquin could possibly affect my area this weekend. This is also the weekend of the long awaited N.C. Poultry Jubilee. Seriously, I am very excited about this because two things I love will be combined—fried chicken and the World’s Largest Frying Pan. Hopefully, they will be able to fry the chicken. The fry must go on.
While looking through Pinterest, I found a Currently writing prompt. I decided to do so I can burn some more time and leave a little early.
--I am thinking about going home early to take a nap and prepare for Criminal Minds.
--I am enjoying the day at my desk instead of running all over the county in the rain.
--I feeling pretty good today. My cold has finally gone away. And my birthday is coming up.
--I am wearing a grey and black boyfriend cardigan with a red tank top, jeans and favorite chunky shoes along with a black knit cap.
--I am needing some alone time. One of my co-workers talks loud in his cubicle.
--I am really wanting to go home.
--I am listening to The Weeknd, Godsmack, Kanye West and Duran Duran.
--I am making a mess of a story I am trying to write because I am not focused.
--I am eating a Little Debbie cake.
--I am drinking a Dr. Pepper.

1. It's time to go home!
2. It has rained for a hour.
3. Grape soda, barbecue wings and curly fries for dinner!

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  1. I am really ready to go home too! Those last few hours can drag. so. much. Enjoy your criminal minds and your weekend. I have Scandal episode waiting for me.


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