Hummus and other food adventures

This week, I took a big step outside of my eating comfort zone. I went with a group of co-workers for lunch to this Mediterranean restaurant.
It is a HUGE thing for me to share my lunch break with others. It is my me time in the middle of busy days.
Anyway, I decided to go with them and be adventurous.
The menu featured items such as Falafel, Shawarma, Tabouli and
Baba Gannoush.
These things I had seen in magazines and on tv but not in real life.
It was overwhelming. While I wanted to try something new, I was
bit leary. I didn’t feel comfortable eating lamb. And not because I
thought it would taste bad but because lambs are soooo cute. I am
by no means an animal activist but I tend to eat unattractive
animals like cows, chickens, turkeys and fish.
I considered Dolmas, which is grape leaves stuffed with seasoned
rice. Finally I went with the restaurant version of a caesar salad. It
was different from what I had ever ate. I have had a caesarsalad
before but this was different.
And for dessert, I had baklava. It was an interesting experience.
My coworkers had a variety of dishes. Overall, it was a great
As an appetizer, I had some hummus. It was pretty good. As I write
this, I am snacking on onion rings and dreaming of the Krispy
Crème doughnut sitting beside my keyboard. Krispy Creme are the 
best doughnuts especially hot!
I am glad that I am at a point where I am able to try new things
with ED yammering too much in my ear. It is a daily struggle but
so worth it.
1. Having my own library in my apartment!
2. Living down the street from a really awesome library!
3. Being happy to be alive!