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Having the second worst job in the country

While checking my email this morning, I came across a survey saying that being a reporter is the among the 10 worst professions to have. Whaaat!!!!!!!!

According to Careercast, being a reporter is the second  worst job after being a logger.
In 2013, the job of reporter was the worst job to have.
Other worst jobs on the list included enlisted military, taxi driver, broadcaster, garbage collector and corrections officer.

I will admit the pay could be more but overall it is a good job. Each day, there is a different adventure.
Today for instance,  I have written about fire taxes, livestock and an upcoming wine and music festival.
I played junior detective and helped a lady figure out my newspaper wasn’t the one that took a photo of her house being moved but another newspaper did it. And I provided her with a phone number.
It seems the best job to have is to be a mathematician. To those who are great in math, yay for you. But to me this would be a boring job.
Last week, I interviewed a woman who is a flight attendant. It was very interesting interview.
In this job, I have interviewed everyone from a farmer to Darius Rucker (country musician and member of Hootie and Blowfish).

Of course, I have friends and family who think being a reporter is boring with sitting at a desk and writing. There is a lot of interviewing and driving especially if you work in a big county like Duplin. It takes about a hour to drive from one end of the county to the other. But I love it.
I feel blessed to be able to be paid to do what I love. I love to write. I am not the most social person but being reporter helps me remain connected to the world.
My inspiration for writing came from watching my grandmother read the newspaper everyday. She had a sixth grade education but she read it everyday. She encouraged me to be aware of not only local issues but the world around me. 

For example, most of this country doesn’t know that there is small town in North Carolina called Teachey. But those 250 people in that town, it is an important place.
On a side note, the town is having a vandalism problem. It is so bad that someone stole the sliding board out the playground. The plastic slide that a child plays on. Someone stole it. Why!!!
Anyway, my job is never boring due to the people and places I cover along with the people I work with.

My son wanted to be a reporter for two days. I didn’t discourage but I didn’t encourage it either.
Being a reporter is a calling. It takes a special breed of person who is willing to work long hours to put out a newspaper for others. A person willing to get out of bed in the middle of the night to take photos at a crime scene. 
I am happy that everyday I get to wake up, get ready and go out to be Lois Lane. I may not be taking down Lex Luthor but it is nice to give voices to people who may not have them.

1. Being able to sleep with the windows open! (Well not last night, it was cold).
2. Working at my dream job!
3. Being able to leave work at 5 p.m. today like a normal person.


  1. I heard that on the radio this morning too!! I just heard that mathematician was best and logger was worst. I'm not equipped to do either!! I'm surprised reporter is on the list for #2 though. It's great that you love your job.

  2. oh well, at least you love what you're doing!!!


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