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My year in review according to Facebook

It is hard to believe in a few days that 2013 will be over. 2013 has been a pretty decent year.

Facebook took the liberty of compiling the 20 biggest moments of my year. A glance at the list will show that I love my son very much and 
my biggest hobby is sleeping.

Here are my moments:

1. February 9: Had a great time at the Gregory B. Davis Foundation gala tonight!

It was a great time and I got to wear my feather dress!

2. March 24: Nothing like a rainy day, a mug of hot chocolate, tons of 
magazines and no work in sight! I do love a good Sunday afternoon!

It has been a long week. I must admit very few magazines were read but did sleep a lot.)

3. April 1: Had an amazing Monday with my son. Best one in a longtime.

4. May 18: Getting ready to see Iron Man 3 with my son.
It was a good movie. We had a great time watching it in 3-D.

5. May 27: A Criminal Minds marathon and no work tomorrow. This is going to be a good week!

Marathons make me happy. 

6. June 11: Started the day thinking it would be a looooong day. But a change in plans and I’m home before 6. YAY!!!

7. August 3: At WalMart to back to school shop!
Back to School shopping is not cheap!

8. I was tagged in some Partying New Year’s Eve photos.

9. Headed to the Herald’s Community Champions Dinner! Feeling sassy!
I love this dress. I paid five bucks for it but felt like a million dollars.

10. August: Left job at The Daily Herald.

11. September: Started working at the Independent-Messenger.

12. September 17:  Two weeks on the job, I agreed to have my official photo taken. I hate having my photo taken!

13. September 20: It’s official!!!

14. Oct. 1: Came to work today and found my photo posted in the lobby.

15. Oct. 20: Had a great belated 40th birthday celebration! Plenty of good food, music, movies and homemade red velvet cake. Thanks Della!

16. October 30: Got some great news from my son! He made the A/B Honor Roll. I am so proud of him.

17. November 22: Surprise birthday party for JJ in classroom.

18. Happy 8th birthday to my son. There is never a dull moment when he is around!

19. December 12: Found out my second grader is reading on a fifth grade level. I am so proud of him!!!

20. Christmas pictures!!!

There is a ton of stuff that I didn't post on Facebook. For instance, FB does not know about my struggles with ED or how I flirt with my hot neighbor. It doesn't know about how I run a magazine circle or am starting to write a fantasy book.

It does know about my obsession with Criminal Minds. I will admit my life isn't the most exciting thing but it is my life. In my wildest dreams, I would have never imagined ending the year as assistant editor of a twice weekly newspaper. I have enjoyed 2013 and I am looking forward to more adventures in 2014. 

1. I leave in the morning to have a belated Christmas with my son.
2. Being able to proof pages while eating homemade baklava.
3. Being blessed with a job, a decent car, an awesome child and great friends.


    1. Sounds like a pretty darn good year! I know you have had some struggles but you made some big moves to try to overcome it. Happy New Year! Can't believe this year flew by so fast.

    2. a good year indeed! wishing you a even better one to come!


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