Thursday, September 26, 2013

Feeling more like myself

I have learned something valuable about recovery. It takes many steps and it will never really be complete for me. I have had a minor set back but I am continuing to move forward. 
One way to keep going was to make some vegetarian chili. It is vegetarian because I forgot to put to thaw out the chicken to put in it. It is quite tasty and spicy. Maybe a little to spicy but it is still good.

I guess watching all those cooking shows on Sunday afternoon have paid off.

I must apologize for my previous rant about my co-worker. It was a mixture of frustration, sadness and anger. I have since figured out the best way to handle it without doing anything that will get me fired or put in jail. I am not big on change but change is inevitable. It is what keeps the world going.

Between the new job and my upcoming 40th birthday, it is just hard. I am trying to keep everything in balance. And cooking helps me. I turn on some 80s music, pull out a cookbook and some pans. And take it a few ingredients at a time.

Currently, I am writing this while listening to the Rolling Stones. Headphones play a big key in my survival and sanity.


1. My baby got three As and one B on his progress report. YAY!! But he does talk a little to much in class. He gets this from his dad.

2. Feeling better!

3. My apartment is starting to look like an apartment!

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