Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vacation time is finally here!!!!

After weeks of hard work, sweat and tears, I start my weeklong vacation Sunday. 

I am looking forward to not having to interview anyone or write down their story.

For one week, I want to immerse myself in being a mom. I will go from being Jacqueline Hough, reporter to Mom. I am headed to a place where I will be known as JJ’s mom. 

I will post some updates on our activities, which will include back-to-school shopping, seeing Wolverine, having overnight visit wiht my nephew and just hanging out. 

It will be full of fun, hugs and kisses from my favorite person in the whole wide world. Have a good week! I know I will.

1. To get to use my vacation time.
2. Looking forward to seeing JJ.
3. Being able to wear flip flops, shorts and t-shirts 24/7. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Have a wonderful vacation!!!!!!

    I'd love to wear flip-flopsand T-shirts, but it is too cold here right now, LOL!


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