Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adventures in the ER: Return of the Kidney stones

I should have known that drinking 2 (2 liters) of orange soda along with several 20 ounces of it and tons of caffeine each week would catch up with me. It did Sunday night when I drove myself to the ER in pain.

Before that, i was having a pretty good day. But by 9 p.m., my stomach started hurting and by 11 p.m., I was on the floor in a fetal position. With most of my friends asleep, I sucked it up and drove myself. It  would prove to be quite an adventurous, painful and expensive night.

11:30-- I arrive and am told the ER is backed up. I am weighed and give urine sample. Then the vomiting started. This does not move me up in the queue. I am given a pan to throw up in.

12:30-- Still waiting while in pain, feverish, nauseous and vomiting. Had a chance to eavesdrop on several situations in the ER that made me thankful for my life.

2:30--I am finally allowed to the back. It is so busy. I am put in a bed in the hallway. More vomiting. At one point, I stood up and fainted. This got me some attention and an IV line but no pain meds.

4 p.m.--I get pain meds and then to x-ray.

5 p.m.--I am found to have kidney stones. I get the good narcotics, which means I will have to wait someone up to drive me home. I am cool with this.

6 p.m.--I am released with strainer and prescriptions to a friend's husband who drives to Walgreens and home.

All day Monday--When I wasn't sleeping, I was straining my pee. Sorry to be so graphic. There are two stones. I have passed one. It is the size of nothing. It is amazing something so small can cause so much pain.

Mortal of the story: Stop drinking so much damn soda for comfort and find other healthier ways to cope.


1. A good friend willing to pick you up from the hospital at 6 a.m.

2. Water is good for the kidneys.

3. Thankful it was just kidney stones and not appendicitis.


  1. Oh you poor thing!! How awful. I didn't know lots of soda drinking could even cause that. So glad tyou are okay.

  2. Oh I'm so sorry!!! I hope you get better soon!


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